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Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!!

Okay... deep cleansing breath and repeat: "I am not going to travel this month. I am NOT going to travel this month, I AM NOT GOING TO TRAVEL THIS MONTH!!" (Okay, I guess not being home and moving between Lebanon, ME and Newfields, NH is actually 'travelling', but it's only 45 minutes on my motorcycle...)

Yes, this month is the month I might or might not complete my Class-A Skydiving License in Lebanon, Maine. If I go ahead with this (as originally planned), I'll be staying at Dave's during the week and will be working from the dropzone during the weekdays! (and yes, they do have free WiFi at my dropzone!!)

Chaz in the City? ... just call me Mr. Big!

Have you heard the rumour that I'm moving back to New York?

I was sort of surprised this weekend when I was asked several times not if, but when I was moving back to New York! ;-) Wow. They like me! They really like me!

I must admit, New York City is on the short list of places I'd like to move to.

New York City
Pros: lots of existing friends, nightlife, great public transit system, club activity, three competing airports for travel [JFK, LGA and EWR], no need for automobile, Broadway!
Cons: expensive, air & noise pollution, parking the motorcycle, cold winter months, good possibility for severe seasonal depression

Atlanta, GA
Pros: mild winters, some good bars/nightlife, hub for Delta airlines, some cheap fares [ATL], some friends there
Cons: hot summers, poor public transit, good neighbourhoods can be costly, many bad neighbourhoods

Ottawa, ON, Canada
Pros: existing friends, I can drop U.S. citizenship, better politics, educated people
Cons: keeping my existing job might not be possible, fucking cold winters, expensive airport [YOW]

Toronto, ON, Canada
Pros: amazing city, lots to do and see, major airport [YYZ] with some cheap fares from time to time, no need for automobile
Cons: expensive cost of living, fair public transit if you live in downtown core, cold winters but less snow than Ottawa!

Palm Springs, CA
Pros: no winters, good bars/nightlife, some friends there
Cons: very hot summers, poor public transit, good neighbourhoods can be costly, very far from family, expensive airport [PSP]

The "BIG" Plan...

This past weekend was GREAT! With the exception of heavy rain for one hour on the way to the Empire City Motorcycle Club's annual picnic (we ducked under a bridge and let it pass over), the weather was great!

I got to make some new friends, and re-connected with many old friends. All in all, this has been the best weekend I've spent in New York in a very long time! (Special thanks to Empire City and Sean!!!)

Photos from the bike christening and picnic can be seen here.

A T-Shirt seen at last year's Spearhead Run

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