Chaz Antonelli (mc4bbs) wrote,
Chaz Antonelli

Chaz on the move in 2008!

Below is a list of some of my major travel events in 2008.  Please contact me with any enquiries you might have directly at or by telephone.  This listing was last updated 08 January 2008 and is subject to change!!  You can always know my exact and up-to-the-minute plans at the official "Where's Chaz" calendar is online at for your viewing pleasure (you must have a free Google account to view it!)
MONTH      DAYS  WHERE?               EVENT
---------- ----- -------------------  --------------------------------------
JANUARY    15-20 Orlando, FL          Parliament House
JANUARY    25-29 Boston, MA           Al Rizzo visiting Boston
FEBRUARY   08-10 Ottawa, ON, Canada   Winterlude/Winderlewd
FEBRUARY   14-18 San Francisco, CA    International Bear Rendezvous
FEBRUARY   22-25 Philadelphia, PA     Pocono Warriors 30th Anniversary
MARCH      20-23 New York, NY         Visiting Dr. Cornell in New York City
MARCH      24-27 New York, NY         Chaz in New York City
MARCH      28-30 Ronkonkoma, NY       Long Island Raven's 16th Anniversary Run
APRIL      03-06 Albuquerque, NM      The Sandia Bears - American Bear Awakening
APRIL      11-20 Great Britain        Chaz in Great Britain
APRIL      25-27 Hemlock, NY          Frick's Private 50th Birthday Party at The Ranch
MAY        01-05 Manchester, UK       Great British Bear Bash #11
MAY        05-11 Great Britain        Chaz in London/Nottingham/Scotland, Great Britain
MAY        16-18 Fire Island, NY      Excelsior, M.C. 33rd Anniversary
MAY        22-26 Chicago, IL          International Mister Leather
JULY       04-06 Angelica, NY         Rochester Rams' Run (note: new date!)
JULY       12-19 Provincetown, MA     Bear Week
AUGUST     01-03 Columbus, OH         Columbus Bears' 14th annual Bear Camp
AUGUST     29-31 West Guilford, ON    Spearhead LDSC Round-Up
SEPTEMBER  28-28 San Francisco, CA    Folsom Street Fair
SEPTEMBER  29-02 San Francisco, CA    Chaz in San Francisco
OCTOBER    03-05 San Francisco, CA    Golden Gate Guards Run
OCTOBER    10-12 Reading, PA          Reading Railmen Run "Leather Monopoly"
DECEMBER   12-14 New York, NY         Empire City M.C. "Toys for Tots"
Note: items in the teal colour are tentative
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