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Buy Your Friend a Drink (New York/Boston)

I found a cool, new website that was started by an ex-IBM’er – Steve Cohn.

The name of the website is: Yep, that’s right… Give the gift of Cocktails! It’s a gift card to over 120 of the best bars and restaurants in NY and Boston. They also have bars in their gift network in Chicago, Washington DC, Los Angeles and New Orleans.

More than a cool gift for a friend or client, they are also running a special program. Buy One, Get One free with first gift If you request a Drink Card for yourself, you get $10 free when you register the card on their site And 20% bonus on whatever value you add to the Drink Card after it is registered also just signed a deal with Moet Hennessy where you can get complimentary cocktails this Monday 12/3 and next Monday 12/10 at 4 great lounges in NY.

Click here for the complimentary drinks:


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