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Current Stuff & More Circumcision Humour

As you can see on Where's Chaz, my mate Dave Pike arrives in two days -- we'll be off to a running start on "leaf peeping" and other things in New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine for the weekend. Of course, the weekend starts off with a SkyDive at Skydive New England at 11:00am on Friday! We'll be staying at the gay, naturist bed and breakfast, Gargoyle House in Wells River, Vermont. It's such a lovely place and a great time of year to be there.

The following weekend (October 11th thru the 15th), we're off to New York City for shows, bars, sightseeing and shopping! Our schedule is subject to change with our whims...

We will be seeing Jersey Boys and Wicked! on Broadway, and will very likly be at the N.Y. Eagle Friday & Saturday nights and The Dugout on Sunday Beer Blast.

Now... for some humour!

Tags: dave pike, new england, new york, travel
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