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Last minute travel plans change... Going to Ottawa!

Due to numerous factors, rather than going to New York City and the Empire City Motorcycle Club's Bike Christening and Biker's Picnic, I'm taking the Motorcycle to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

I will be in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada from Friday 25 May '07 (evening) thru Monday 28 May '07.

Overall plans whilst in the Capital Region are unplanned -- so if you want to get together, please call me (I will NOT bring my computer with me.) I will probably be out at the Centretown Pub/Cell Block (if it still exists) on Saturday night.

As always, you can find out where I'm going and where I've been at -- in order to access my live, interactive Google Calendar, you must have a free Google account.

Today's travel appropriate song: REO Speedwagon - Back On The Road Again

Of course, I'm still way behind on BLOG entries about Manchester, The Lake District, Dublin, and the Rochester Rams' CanAm weekend... Sorry.

Tags: canada, ecmc, ottawa, travel
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