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Looking for a new computer?

Feel free to use my Employee Discount to get official new and used IBM laptops and desktop computers and accessories at -- in order to browse the site, you must have my serial number and last name... Please e-mail me to obtain them.

This weeks' Employee Specials:

  • 256MB memory upgrade (NO CHARGE) when you purchase T40 ThinkPad models T2373-7CU and T2373-AU1. Enter code RALEIGHRDSHOW411 in the promotion code box on the checkout page. This offer is valid through April 20, 2007 or while supplies last.

  • NetVista M42 desktop model A830542U for $237.15 and L150 flat panel monitor (15") model M6636AB1 for $101.15. Total system price just $338.30!

  • Today's song is Lords of Acid - Special Moments.

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