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New Who!

The latest and greatest Dr. Who episode, just broadcast 14 April 2007 is now online Chazhome at Chaz' Dr. Who - 2007 - Episode Guide & Downloads

Synopsis: The Doctor returns to a now much grittier New Earth with Martha, eventually to meet the Face of Boe one final time. Some sources state that the secret will be 'You are Not Alone;, referring to the continuity the Doctor has with the Time Lords. While there they encounter a spaceship pilot named Thomas Kincade Brannigan — a cat being of a similar appearance to the Sisters of Plenitude — and his wife, Valerie and find the streets being ruled by sinister Pharmacists.

In other news, my DirecTV installation has been postponed, pending a vote by the condominium owner's association -- it seems that the rules are unclear as to installing satellite dishes here, so I'll present my motion to allow them with reasonable restrictions to ensure property value does not decrease.

...as if it COULD decrease, considering that the exterior paint is flaking off, exposing the bare wood in spots, and that the roof is in VERY sad shape, I see much larger issues concerning the group at this time... See what I'm talking about in Photo #1, Photo #2 and Photo #3 The dish wouldn't even be seen from the street!

I'm counting the days 'till the Great British Bear Bash (GBBB) in Manchester, England! Therefore, today's song is Collective Soul - Counting The Days, which I know I've used before -- but it's so good!!



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Apr. 18th, 2007 09:41 pm (UTC)
Just finished watching season 1 on DVD. I like the series overall. Flying Daleks... ok I can deal. The big reveal of "Bad Wolf" Meh. not what I hoped it would be. Cap't Jack? I've always thought he was cute.
Apr. 18th, 2007 09:53 pm (UTC)
Wow!! Quite the critic you are!

Did you previously watch the original Doctor Who? Compare the new show with the old one...

Did you know that the NEW Dr. Who managed to win five awards at the Bafta Cymru awards in Cardiff??

As posted at http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/4934216.stm , read the results from Series 1 of the New Doctor Who:

The hit TV series, made by BBC Wales, was shortlisted in 14 separate categories in the TV and film awards.

It won the prizes for best drama series and best drama director, as well as awards for costume, make-up and photography direction.

Producer Steve Robinson competed against himself with three nominations for best documentary - including Iolo Williams Flying with Kites, which won.

Doctor Who's lead writer and executive producer Russell T Davies also won the Siân Phillips award for his outstanding contribution to network television.

Christopher Eccleston, who starred in the first Doctor Who series to be produced for 16 years, and co-star Billie Piper were nominated in the best actor and actress categories.

The series - now into its second run with the new Doctor David Tennant - has also been nominated as best drama in the Bafta awards, which will be held on 7 May in London.

Bruce Parry, presenter of Tribe
Bruce Parry won best presenter award for Tribe

"We are thrilled that the spectacular contribution made by Russell T Davies to television over the past few years has won him such a very special award," said BBC Wales head of English programmes Clare Hudson.

As well as Doctor Who, Davies' writing credits include Casanova and Queer As Folk.

The BBC documentary series Tribe - which saw explorer Bruce Parry experience life with six remote tribes - won three awards, including best presenter for Parry and best director.

The BBC also picked up the best screenwriter and design awards for the one-off drama Dad, starring Richard Briers and Kevin Whately.

Altogether BBC Wales won 18 awards, while Welsh language channel S4C won 13 awards.

Other winners included the late night chat show Jonathan, hosted by former rugby legend Jonathan Davies, an Avanti/BBC production for S4C, in the best light entertainment category.

Bilingual music film Y Lleill - The Others won the award for best film.

Apr. 18th, 2007 11:00 pm (UTC)
I was a big fan of the original up to Sylvester McCoy. I started with John Pertwee, who looked exactly like a friend's mother.
Apr. 19th, 2007 12:10 am (UTC)

Most people associate Tom Baker with "The Doctor" -- for me, Jon Pertwee was the best doctor (of the originals), with Tom Baker coming in second, followed by Peter Davison.

William Hartnell, although the first was a grumpy old man.

Patrick Troughton reminded me of "Moe" from the three stooges, down to the slapstick humour and selfish attitudes (at times) -- but I must say that thanks to his "Beatles Haircut" and appear to the younger genoration, he did save the show from an early death...

Colin Baker (who first appeared as a guard on Galifrey) was too self-centred and arrogant (I.M.H.O.) I don't know if it was the actor opr the character that turned me off to him...

Sylvester McCoy was neat, but the storylines seemes to revert to a children's programme -- which offended me. Plus, I felt Ace calling him "The Professor" all the time was a discredit to his title.

Paul McGann could have been great -- too bad that Fox backed out of a television programme even BEFORE the movie ahd been broadcast on U.S. television!! (Damn Fox!!!) I guess it was for the better, really, as they changed some very important facts about the show in that movie -- such as Time Lord's eyes being different or such as there being an Eye of Harmony on every TARDIS! Such nonsence!

I really liked Christopher Eccleston, plus having a GAY MAN play "The Doctor" really appealed to me! He seemed to do a wonferful job -- but left on a sour note. :-(

Having really grown used to Eccleston, David Tennant was an invader to the role, and his first Christmas special left me feeling the character was lacking -- but as time goes on, I've really grown to love David!!

One of the best things I can say for David is that he, himself, was a fan of the show as a child and considers it an honour to be playing the part. He will be respectful to the fans and to the heratige of the show. He himself said that it's the role of his dreams and he won't quit the show.

Perhaps he could out-live Tom Baker's amazing seven years (1974 to 1981) as "The Doctor"...

One would hope.

After the New Dr. Who did so well at th e BAFTA AWARDS, I (and many others) sincerely hope that the BBC keeps the show going this time!! In 1989 all Whovians were upset when the BBC decided to put the show on hiatus... we thought it's be goine forever... then the 'tease' in 1996 when Fox seemed they were going to take it over. SIGH.

I'm as happy as a pig in shit with the new BBC series, and it's successful spin-off, Torchwood!

Apr. 18th, 2007 10:46 pm (UTC)
they're worried about a dish.. But allow window AC units??

Tell them to stick it if they don't agree with the dish.
Apr. 18th, 2007 10:51 pm (UTC)

Good point!!!

I have central air, and never thought about the end-unit tennant with window AC units!!

I'll bring it up with them!

Apr. 19th, 2007 02:55 am (UTC)
Window air conditioners in a place with central air?? Trust me, the air conditioners make the place look so..........(must find word).
My offer still stands for Star Choice. All those Canadian stations and I'll even come and install it.
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