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Making the "big switch"

Once again, Comcast has chosen to raise their prices and offer no new services... I have basic cable, plus some additional analogue channels -- no premium channels such as HBO, Cinemax nor "Digital Service", nor do I have a Comcast-provided DVR -- and yet, the monthly cost for this commercial-laden service? About $69.00 a month. To add injury to insult, I've made numerous complaints about signal quality from Comcast -- each time they tell me I need a new feeder line brought into my condo, but they don't do anything about running a new line because they need access to the other nine units in order to run new cable to my end unit -- and that's too much work for them (I guess...) -- I never got a single credit for all the ongoing problems either!!

So, after much thought, I've finally decided to convert to DirecTV for my television service; but retain Comcast for my internet service. Not only will I be 'locked in' at a fixed price for the next 24 months, I'll get 170 digital channels plus seven HBO channels, six Cinemax channels, a super Sports Package, a free DVR, two other rooms set up with receivers, a FREE portable DVD player... aside from the installation being difficult, I'm looking forward to the switch!

Today's song... Genesis - Land Of Confusion. Please note: Due to too many people opening up multiple downloads from my MP3 server, I have restricted access to FTP ONLY, you can NOT get to Chaz' Jukebox with a http:// commands at this time. (Some jerks always take advantage of a good thing, eh?)

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