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City Of Boston Still Thinks Every Box Is A Bomb

The city of Boston has done it again. Apparently it didn't learn its lesson from its embarrassing overreaction to a silly marketing stunt that shut down the city, as the police force was brought out to blow up an unidentified box chained to a lightpost. It's believed that the box may have been placed there by transportation authorities looking to monitor traffic patterns, but because the police weren't sure, they blew it up just to be safe. What's really interesting is that if you watch the news clip at the above link, you'll find that the reporters don't seem to find anything disturbing or strange about bomb squads being brought out in a situation like this. Then again, perhaps they shouldn't think it's weird; This is Boston after all, and this type of reaction is becoming very common. And if it turns out that the box was just for monitoring traffic, will transportation officials face fines and possible jail time for placing a hoax device in public?

Story from Techdirt and BoingBoing

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