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I hit a nerve -- but what do YOU think?

I'm sure I'm not the first today to get a copy of the explanatory letter (below) from Brainfood. However, my original point about "is this humour or hurt?" is still valid. Some people considered the "God Hates Fags" song and accompanying website as a joke and simply enjoyed it at face value and laughed it off; whereas some others believed his message: That God does indeed hate fags, and fags need to be insulted and belittled into conforming to their 'correct' ways of life.

I have received a lot of support in my pursuit to keep the hate-filled video off of YouTube, MySpace, Revver, Google Video and other public places where (whether or not it's a joke.) The video hasn't been always been perceived as a joke and has caused great pain in the form of verbal attacks in the comments to the videos. Even my re-mix of Donnie's video has resulted in a large number of "FAGGOT!" comments, which you simply don't see, as I don't approve them.

The point to my whole anti-Donnie Davies endeavor has been that without proper clarity that this is indeed a JOKE (and in my opinion, it's simply not far enough "over the top" to guarantee that it is a joke), that some people will take the message of hate seriously and will gather to fag-bash people -- at first online, and then who knows? Perhaps to the level experienced by Matthew Shepard?

"Bash a Fag For Jesus!" ... Is this a 'joke' too? "Anti-gay Christian Terrorists are targeting the day by calling the day "Bash a Fag For Jesus" (oh, wait, I guess they're really calling it a "Day of Truth" but my title is more accurate) where they target kids who are participating in the day by wearing T-shirts and handing out gay-bashing flyers." -- nope, they're serious. Kinda sounds a LOT like the Donnie Davies' project...

Well, read BrainFood's excuse/purpose/reason for promoting homophobia... I'll continue my rant below.
-----Original Message-----
From: Donnie Davies [mailto:donnie@lovegodsway.org]
Sent: 05 February 2007 20:00
To: ChazAntonelli@yahoo.com
Subject: Response for direct inquiries to Brainfood about Donnie Davies


You have correctly discerned that Brainfood provides services to the Donnie
Davies project. We are providing this explanatory letter to people that fail
to get the joke to the degree of directly contacting us or, in some cases,
illegally attempting to disrupt our system services.

The site is indeed a hoax. Donnie Davies and his ministry are a cartoon of
forces at work in America that we feel are destructive to the Nation's moral
compass and the integrity of community spirit. We do not condone the practice
of demonstrating at the funerals of America's fallen soldiers and we do not
subscribe to the belief that gays and/or lesbians should be rounded up and
placed in death camps. We perceive these views to be disgusting and
anti-American. We also recognize that America must be tolerant of dissent to
preserve our Liberty and our way of life. The Donnie Davies project was
created as a mechanism to electronically excite protest, ignite discussion
and seed key phrases that would alter search results we view to be strategic.

Everyone is a critic and everyone will always have an opinion about how things
could be done better. We weighed the situation very carefully before we
entered into this because we knew that a certain amount of confusion was
necessary to provoke sufficient discussion. Before our campaign, searching
Google for the phrase "god hates fags" returned unadulterated hatred
slandering our soldiers, our country and the GLBT community. We have now
provided a message that people can hopefully laugh at. We believe meeting
hate with more hate only increases hate. Comedy has a fighting chance of
diffusing the situation.

For myself, personally, I got involved with this project because of Alan
Turing. Alan was the scientist who designed the world's first computers in
order to break the encryption used in Nazi submarines. He was a hero. After
the war he was imprisoned for being gay. You can read more about him here:


That is our story. We regret if we have caused you emotional harm. We
understand that this explanation may not suffice and that you may view our
enterprise as misguided or malign. We felt otherwise and we acted. Supporting
us, whether you believe in us or not, is part of being American.

Best regards,
Team Donnie Davies

Get behind Donnie Davies today!
I'm very interested to hear what other people think and feel about BrainFood's rationalization for doing this.

  • Do you think BrainFood's involvement was ethical?
  • Was it okay that this campaign is just a joke and "Comedy has a fighting chance of
    diffusing the situation?"
  • ... or do you feel, as I do that this "comedy" actually incited even further hatrid of homosexuals by the relegious right and gave them a focal point in which to harass us further?

    I feel that homosexuals have enough real-world issues that we're trying to overcome and don't need ad campaigns, such as the Donnie Davies project, wasting our energy. The Snickers advert during the Superbowl was obviously done as humour, and it was close to the edge of taste (in my opinion) -- but, when you went to their website, you got to see three other commercial prototypes for Snickers based on the same theme that weren't as funny -- and to top it off, you got to watch professional football players' reactions (from the Bears and the Colts) as they recoiled while watching ads that showed men kissing. Read more about the Snickers promo at AMERICAblog.

    Today's song: Dandy Warhols - Get Off


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    Feb. 6th, 2007 05:51 pm (UTC)
    The DD video was not Farce or satire. i found nothing funny about it at all. If it was indeed designed as a joke to fight bigotry there was no way in telling other than the audacity of the piece.

    To me it sounds like the letter you got was back-pedaling.

    but on the other hand where should someone draw the line between freedom of speech and hate speech? For me it's as soon as someone tries to force their opinion on another.
    Feb. 6th, 2007 06:12 pm (UTC)
    Thank you!! That's exactly how I feel about this!

    I've been taking a LOT of heat from some people about all the time and energy I've been spending on this issue. It's nice to know others feel the same way about it and that I am NOT over-reacting!

    For example, this letter:
    Well Chaz, I respectfully disagree with you, on two counts:

    First, humor has an important place in civil dialogue. Don't forget the famous piece by Jonathan Swift, "A Modest Proposal," whereby he proposed that the way to solve starvation an doverpopulationin Ireland was for people to eat their own children. Believe it or not, may people believed he was serious..however, the satire - and the discussion that ensued - has survived over 100 years and is now a classic in rhetoric. It *caused* people to discuss and address issues.

    In the gay community, we have *always* used humor to break hate. The extensive use of Drag shows and parodies, the sheer bitchiness and self-charicaturization we engage in (including Uber-Leather) is a way to turn the sting of hate into humor, and de-toxify it.

    Now, even if this was NOT humor, even if it was serious - I would still disagree with you. Free speech MUST be free for everyone, even for those who hate. In fact, *especially* for those who hate. Those who silence hate by frce only drive it underground where it festers and erupts as even more dangerous secret organizations. The right of Nazia to march in largely-Jewish Skokie, Illinois was a classic battle - and free speech won. Once we give government the power to decide that someone's speech is offensive and outlaw it, we have given the power to out;aw speech with which we agree as well. It is dfangerous.

    I think far too much time ahs been spent worrying abour Donnie Davies. If as much time was spent building viable Bear organizations, visiting men dying of AIDs in hospitals, and helping gay youth come out, we'd be far better off than spunning our wheels getting in a huff over satire.
    Feb. 7th, 2007 10:45 am (UTC)
    Wrong about free speech.
    Everything in history says you are wrong about free speech being ok even for haters. The reason groups like the ACLU and Human Rights Campaign have no trouble with the hate laws is that hate speech unchecked allows bullies like the Nazis in Germany, Communists in Russia, and ther groups in history to force those afraid of what they preach/threaten to submit to there gaining both political clout and at times leadership positions. It is how totalitarianism begins. Read Lord of The Flies. Hate speech emboldens the ignorant and allows them to recruit from the uneducated.
    Feb. 7th, 2007 01:29 pm (UTC)
    Re: Wrong about free speech.

    Arrrrgghhhhhhh!!! You used the word "emboldens" !!!

    Feb. 7th, 2007 02:36 pm (UTC)
    Re: Wrong about free speech.

    For those that wish to reply to this and other issues posted in my blog, please note: My blog is not a "free speech zone" -- I actively censor comments.

    This is MY BLOG, I have the right to allow or disallow comments from being posted to it. If you don't like that, tough. Start your own blog.

    People that are SIGNED on to LiveJournal when they post are more likely to see their comments show up, as they have the conviction behind the words they write. People listed as my FRIENDS normally can post immediately, without waiting for me top "unscreen" their comments. Anonymous cowards are at the bottom of the ladder, and only when their comments are worthy will be unscreened.

    I learned to strongly censor, without fear or reprisal after Adrien Exley went missing and my blog became a pit of insults between the Yankees and the Brits; and I refuse to allow that to ever happen again!!

    Feb. 9th, 2007 12:35 am (UTC)
    Has anyone else had this email?
    While it was clearly a hoax from the moment it appeared, I can't find any other cources reporting the Davies video now being confirmed by 'the Donnia Davies team' as being a hoax. However, save for a few people who were upset, I think the video did a lot of good to promote the discussion and expose the hidious inolerance in the church toward homoexuality. No one got beat up as a direct result, despite the oddly chosen picture on this page. - Simon
    Feb. 13th, 2007 01:09 am (UTC)
    Re: Has anyone else had this email?

    The photo on this page is a REAL example of GAY BASHING.

    Allowing Donnie Davies to continue preaching HATRID on the internet towards gays breeds this sort of hate crime.

    Approving of Donnie's work (even though it is a hoax) is nothing short of approving of FAG BASHING.

    ( 7 comments — Leave a comment )

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