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My new camera, and the Washington, D.C. anti-war protest.

Chaz' Video Blogging is Back!

I've been shopping for a new camera for some time now... Something that has the features I want, plus video at a low price! Well, on the way back from my banking today, I needed to pick up some blank DVDs and while I was there, looked at the specials on cameras at the shop...

There was a special on the Kodak C663 Digital Camera (photoed on the left) -- only $149.99! I used to work for Kodak, but stopped buying Kodak products back in the 90s when they simply wouldn't keep up with where technology was going (can you say Disc Camera, or Advantix film?) My camera search was pretty much limited to the big Japanese brands -- but $150 was within my price range, considering that I would need to purchase extra memory to record longer video, a new camera case, docking station, etc. and that it would be replacing my MC3 video camera and Fuji MX-1200 1.3 MegaPixel digital camera (photoed on the right.)

The Video embedded above is my first edited movie I made with the new camera! As you can see, it's much better then the MC3! The only downside? 6 MegaPixels makes for some LARGE file sizes!

I also just uploaded all the photos from the anti-war protest in Washington, D.C. this past weekend! There was an incredible turnout! Dave, Mark and I flew down early Saturday morning via AirTran Airlines (it was the first time I flew AirTran, and I must say, they were a lot better than I had expected!)

Folks started gathering on the mall at 11:00, and by 14:00, the march started! There were so many people marching that the route needed to be changed at the half-way point to accommodate them all! The front end of the march featured folks like Rev. Jesse Jackson, Jane Fonda (who hasn't been at a war protest in 34 years!) and other prominent persons! The march went from 3rd St NW up to Constitution Ave NW, behind the Capitol Building on 1st St NE to Independence Ave SW and continued on... It was such a long contingent of people with the roads filled with people kerb to kerb, encompassed the entire route! In other words, the front of the march met up with the end of the march at the mall!

Later that evening, Dave and I went to the D.C. Eagle for the Men of Dicipline's barnight. It was sort of slow at 23:00, and we were haggard, so we went back to the hotel after a couple of drinks...

On Sunday, it was cold and drizzling outside. We went to the Dupont Circle farm market and did some shopping, then spent the rest of the day at the National Gallery of Art. We then zipped back to BWI to fly home. Although we were only in Washington for about 35 hours, it felt like an entire weekend!

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