Chaz Antonelli (mc4bbs) wrote,
Chaz Antonelli

What else is on Chazhome?

I've been asked what else is on my server

Well... I can tell you, there aren't any naked midgets! (Well, maybe a few here and there!!) Heh!

Chazhome is what's left of the Multicom-4 BBS (Bulletin Board System), formerly the world's largest gay, lesbian and bisexual dial-in B.B.S. and I.S.P. The server is known as "", as it is my home server, equipped with a terabyte (1,000GB) of mirrored disk space.

We run off a comcast cable modem, which sadly restricts the network speed, but we're planning on upgrading to FiOS as soon as it is available in my area. FIOS will allow much faster speed (bandwidth) compared with our current commercial-grade cable modem account.

As a gay man tiring of portal services, such as Yahoo!, who sees fit to delete messages, groups and images they do not approve of (with neither rhyme nor reason), I setup house photos, images, movies and clips for the many groups I manage (as well as like-minded friends, who are welcome to set up a home page or two as well!)

There are many things that I host on the server, most is public (if you know the right web address), some of it is private and locked from public view. If you look around the internet, you'll see many places that "point" to my server, but here are a few of the most popular websites on ............... Boston Bears' Member Photo Library ....... Photos of Pierced Men .......... Watersports Photos ........... Photos from N.E.M.O. Parties ............. Circumsexual Photos & Stories ........ Photos of my circumcision and recovery period.

Of course these sites are ALL adult-orientated, and there are many more webpages on than I list here -- but I think this will give you the general idea...

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