Chaz Antonelli (mc4bbs) wrote,
Chaz Antonelli

Happy Holidays!

This is my next-door neighbour's favourite vid.

Happy Holidays!

Oh yeah -- and on the Geeky homefront:

Want to chat with someone on the phone, but don't want to give out your phone number?

Maybe you want to post a message looking for sex on a public message board, like on (Boston-Meat-Up) or in a chat room and would like to post a phone number, but not regret it later?

A new FREE service from Craig's List, called Craig's Number is a free anonymous call forwarding service that allows you to set up a temporary, anonymous phone number which will forward the call(s) to your own phone number!!

At time time, although Craig's Number forwards to ANY U.S. phone for FREE, the temporary number assigned to you can only be based out of San Francisco, Dallas, or Washington, DC (not a big deal in this free-long distance world we live in today!)

Check it out -- -- or for more information, read this:

I tried it. It works... It DOES pass-through ANI (caller ID) information.

Today's twisted holiday song is... "Police Stop My Car"

Tags: humour, xmas
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