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Yahoo's Spamguard

Once again, I find myself getting few replies from folks that I've sent e-mail to. This caused some concern, so I ran a few tests on another account that I have for maintenance purposes. I discovered that EVERY message sent from was going into Yahoo's "bulk mail" folder (thanks to Yahoo's Spamguard.)

I started tweaking different things on my e-mail to discover what was causing it to be flagged as spam -- when surprise, I discovered that the statement "-- See where I'm going and where I've been at" contained within my signature line was the root cause.

So, if you've:
  • Got a yahoo e-mail account, and have
  • Written to me recently, and
  • Have not heard back from me,

    Please check your BULK MAIL FOLDER for messages from me! You can prevent this problem from happening in the future by adding me to your Yahoo address book. I have changed my e-mail footer (signature line) to Yahoo shouldn't be grabbing it anymore -- but how annoying is it when one needs to sift through their bulk mail folder because your mail client's spam filter sucks!

    I make it a habit to go through my Yahoo bulk mail folder once a month, but I'm sure a few things get glossed over as there are typicially 400-600 messages caught by Spamguard. Thankfully, 97% of these messages are really, truly spam.

    Today's song, "Save Ferris - Spam"

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