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Back from New York with lots to say!

Dave and I took Peter Pen/Greyhound to and from NYC this time. After waiting over an hour (in the rain) for the Chinatown bus last time, we opted to take advantage of Greyhound's $15/each way, weekend Boston <-> New York fare special. I guess it was a busy weekend for travel to New York -- the buses both there and back were packed. The trip back was quite silent, except for the lady sniffling about the sled dog that died in the on-board movie we slept through; however, the trip down was anything but silent! Two women directly behind my seat gabbed (loudly) about their sex lives, childhood rearing, drug usage and other issues in their lives with each other and with a mystery man on the other end of their mobile phone. Folks within a five bus-seat radius were entertained with this... Glares, muttering and the other polite ways of telling someone to be quiet were ignored. Rosa Parks would have been shocked! I find it amusing that yesterday's "Off The Hook" radio show discussed mobile phone jammers and usage. How timely! (see below for more about this.)

On Friday Dave and I went to The Dugout for the Metrobears' Bar Night. It was a fun evening, although I was slightly torqued that they charged an unadvertised $5 cover charge (to go to charity) for their benefit. Although this was for a good cause, there was NO mention of this on their website. I don't like surprises like this. Just ask the folks in Taunton! We called it an early evening and went back to our room.

Saturday, we shopped and walked all around the fashion district, then took a nap prior to ECMC's Toys for Tots. This year, the event was held at a new location, as Raymond's is no more. The new place, Mumbles, was in the East Village and was first class! The hor’dorves were amazing -- from huge coconut shrimp and crab cakes to spicy chicken wings and portabella mushrooms wrapped in filet mignon. Dinner was, as always, buffet style; however, the food was definitely of a higher calibre than Raymond's ever had. Photos of the event can be seen here.

After Toys for Tots was winding down, Dave and I headed over to the new (self-proclaimed) leather bar, Big Lug on Avenue A. We were there at about 22:00 (10pm), which was MACK [NIGHT], and advertised as such: "BIG LUG brings you a night of leather, denim, uniforms & cowboys, featuring DJ Lugnut spinning goth, alternative rock and dance classics. Patrick keeps you damp... $4 Black and Tans - 10pm - No Cover" -- although it was true that there was no cover, DJ Lugnut was spinning some great tunes, and Patrick (the barkeep) was a woofer, sadly, I was the ONLY person dressed in full leather. There were a total of six patrons in the bar. :-( By 22:30, there were only four. If they want BIG LUG to become a success, they need to live up to their advertising! One leatherman (me) does not a leather bar make! I left in disgust over how I was 'fooled' that there would actually be a leather bar in Alphabet City. Maybe, if they survive, they will become something. I'll be back to check in on them again later.

We then found the real MACK night! (I guess there was some sort of split/rift in the leather club/leather bar community in New York that I am unaware of?) A new roaming "Leather Invasion" has come to light in New York City, and this event at Billy Mark's West (normally a straight afternoon hangout for postal workers) would have put the Lure to shame!

The "Leather Invasion" group itself is self-described: "Tired of the limited Leather/Fetish scene in NYC,
Leather Invasion was formed to create new and alternative social and cultural activities for those interested in the love, commraderie and kinship of the Leather/Fetish lifestyle.

From museums to motorcycle runs, restaurants to rollerskating, barnights and the boroughs, bowling, day-excursions, movies, mayhem and more, join us in your gear while we bridge and build a community. Gay, straight, young or old, male or female, or just plain curious... all are welcome! Come out and meet like minded folks in a new (and hot) way!"

If you're in the leather scene and go to New York, may I strongly suggest that you get on Leather Invasion's mailing list!! This is the place to be on any weekend! As they say: "[They're] putting the KINK back in New York City!" Their next event is at the Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center)

Dreaming of something BIG and HARD to get on top of this holiday season? Well, throw that bottom of yours into some leather gear and climb on board as we head to Rockefeller Center's Newly Re-opened Observation Deck for an excursion and views sure to satisfy not only you, but Santa and his reindeers too!

Meet at 8PM at the 50th St. Entrance (btw. 5th & 6th Aves)
Tickets are $17

I was very happy and excited to be surrounded by LEATHERMEN at Billy Mark's West on Saturday night!! I've been told by more than one person that the leather scene is dead and today's leathermen are nothing more than drag queens on steroids -- and for some self-proclaimed "leathermen", this is true. There have always been some "posers" in the leather community, even more so over the past 15 years, thanks to the "Leather Contest circuit" which places emphasis on leather fashion and scripted speeches -- but true leathermen are a completely different animal! Regardless of what some people say, there are and always will be real leathermen out there. It's only a matter of finding them and concentrating them toward a mutual goal. Leather Invasion just might be one of those goals to revive leathermen in coming out of their homes and into the street once again!

Dave and I were out quite late Saturday night, after meeting up with a nice couple -- one from the city itself, the other half being from Isreal. They were both quite woofy, and "old-school" leathermen! Mmmmmmmm.... We got back to our room about 5:30! ;-) You gotta love New York!!

On Sunday, we did some more shopping in the East Village and Greenwich Village and then headed back to Boston... We slept most of the way home.

Handheld Mobile Phone Jammer

For only a meagre £135.00 you can purchase a handheld mobile phone jammer. It comes complete with battery, charger and carry case. Optional accessories include: Car charger lead, direct connect adaptor, and spare battery. The mobile phone jammer model (photoed left) comes in 2 versions, one for Europe, North Africa and the Gulf states GSM networks (900 & 1800) and one for the Americas & Canada (800 & 1900 mhz) networks.

Tired of that loud person behind you on the bus to New York yapping away on her mobile phone? Depress the button on your jammer and enjoy the silence!

Listen to them demonstrate this device live on the 2600 radio show "Off The Hook"

Today's song, as "disco" as it is, is Pet Shop Boys - New York City Boy and is one of the more masculine Pet Shop Boys' songs out there! I felt that it went well with all this chat of New York City and Leather! My other choice was a Village People's song -- and that's way too faggy for me with this posting! ;-)

Don't forget: Chaz' Jukebox is always adding more music! Looking for something special? Let me know! It's the closest thing I get to deejaying anymore!

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