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Weekend Update!

The weather is getting warmer again! It looks like it's going to be a good weekend for riding! The coming week (Mon-Wed) does not look as happy. My bike cover is on back order, which means she will get wet again. :-(

I was on the phone with Bruce for like two hours last night, I have been feeling so out of touch with my Rochester friends lately -- but then again, I have not been home since Christmas. Shame on me. I will be staying with Al & Dan May 21st - 24th for CanAm weekend.

Friday, I will go to the Alley for happy hour. I didn't make it last week. Some folks e-mailed me and called asking me if I would be there this week. You don't need me there to make it fun! Just go! :-)

Saturday I will be riding, riding and riding. I might pack a kite and head out to Pope John Paul II Park for a while. We've been getting a good wind from over the ocean.

And finally, this Sunday is Verna's "Drag Brunch", a fundraiser at Club Cafe. It starts at 12 o'clock noon and should be fun! Derek and I will be there. Ticket price is $30, which includes the buffet and one raffle ticket. If you're a local, please plan on attending!

News & Fun:

  • Russian 'legal' music site offers songs for 5¢. The site, allofmp3.com, was discovered by Sydney Morning Herald reporter Charles Wright who claims to have to have downloaded a DVD's worth of tracks - 968 of them, to be precise, all from big-name artists - for just under $50. Assuming all the songs were available on, say, Apple's iTunes Music Store, they would have set the fellow back over $958. I'm sure that RIAA is going to check into this... they always do...

  • The first 4 people are charged under the new CAN-SPAM act!! Four people in Detroit have been charged with emailing fraudulent sales pitches under the new federal CAN-SPAM Law. 'They were accused of disguising their identities in hundreds of thousands of sales pitches and delivering e-mails by bouncing messages through unprotected relay computers on the Internet. I think spammers should be de-balled with rusty sissors.

  • Parking your car the wireless way. For those drivers who find parking enough of a drag without having to schlep to the ticket machine in the rain, wireless technology can now take some of the pain out of the process.

  • StarOffice: ready for the big time? StarOffice is already very popular and has become something of a standard on Linux PCs often in the guise of OpenOffice, its open source brother. Sun acquired Star Division GmbH five years ago, with the clear intention of competing directly with Microsoft. It has taken time for Sun to establish a competitive position, though. StarOffice never got strong reviews until version 6, which debuted in early 2002. It is just now in version 7, which is attracting even more attention because of the quality of the release. Maybe in our lifetime we will see unix become the standard on home PCs?? Who knows???


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    May. 3rd, 2004 04:10 pm (UTC)
    Unix on the desktop....
    Maybe in our lifetime we will see unix become the standard on home PCs?? Who knows???

    Personally, I doubt it -- Microsoft is a big believer that only the paranoid survive, and as Novell and Netscape and Sun's Java found out, they will act swiftly to destroy any threat they perceive -- and they're pretty damned perceptual.

    I'm an open office devotee -- I write my fiction with OpenOffice cuz the sxw format takes up 1/4 of a similar document in .doc format. (Didn't know I wrote, didja? :) However, why pay Sun $75.95 for StarOffice when I can have OpenOffice (which also has Flash and PDF) mine for the asking? What more can StarOffice offer me?

    Linux is making great strides, but Linux's strength is also it's weakness -- so many flavors. Instead of one project out there to take on Redmond, everyone gets distracted with Gentoo versus Red Hat versus Debian versus Mandrake versus SuSE -- meanwhile, for every PC that has Linux installed on it there are a thousand more sold to Maw and Paw Jones that run XP.

    It'd be nice, but in order to do it, you have to be able to take on Microsoft and win.

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