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Well, I installed a new KVM switch over the past 24 hours, allowing me to clear my physical desktop down to one keyboard, monitor and mouse! I also incorporated a NEW SERVER into the Multicom-4/Chazhome network: CHAZHOME02, a NEW clustered environment for the WEB (HTTP)/FTP network environment. It seems to have made everything run a hell of a lot faster!! Below is the new network diagram (non-confidential portions):

The NEW and improved Multicom-4/Chazhome Network

This weekend I'm off to New York City again, on Friday I'll be at The Dugout for the Metrobears' Barnight, from about 21:30 - 23:00. Dave and I will probably crash after that.

Saturday evening, it's my annual pilgrimage to go to E.C.M.C.'s 43rd Annual Toys for Tots -- this year it's at a new location, as Raymond's Cafe is no more... Following Toys for Tots, and especially considering that I'll be in the East Village, Dave and I will go check out the NEW BEAR/LEATHER BAR in New York City -- BIG LUG -- it's in Alphabet City of all places! This should be interesting! Saturday night is their "MACK Night" -- finially!!! A bar in New York City that has a LEATHER / UNIFORM NIGHT on a Saturday, not Thursday!! (Are you listening N.Y. Eagle!?!?)

Are you interested in tagging along? Please do! Information about Toys for Tots and Big Lug are in the links above! In other news, I spoke with Johnny tonight, who just got his pain medications doubled again, but at least he's at home -- not in hospital!

Today's song is Leæther Strip - Insecure Me -- yeah, it's older, but it ROCKS!

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