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... and now a word from our sponsor

Enjoy this Colourbond ad!
(with a semi-naked bear!)

Dave and I are on our way to New York City this weekend, off to have some fun at The Eagle, as well as catching a show called "Theatre Of Science" where they display live science on stage. Reviews indicate that it's funny, bizarre, sometimes disquieting. "A heady mixture of probability theory, psychology, and comedy, this show revives a tradition in which audiences attended the theatre to see scientific demonstrations as entertainment."

The climax involves generating six foot long bolts of lightning between two specifically constructed coils, with one of the performers entering a coffin-shaped cage and absorbing the full force of the lethal strikes. An experimental psychologist and former professional magician, Professor Richard Wiseman teams up with a physicist and popular science author, Dr. Simon Singh (author of Fermat's Enigma and Big Bang.)

Today's song is Extraordinary by Liz Phair. Have a GREAT weekend everyone!

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