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Over or Under?

The age old arguement -- which is the "proper" way to hang toilet paper?

Well, two of the folks whose vlogs I watch both agree with me: Overhand is the ONLY way to do it. In fact, see AngryAussie's vlog entry "The right way to hang toilet paper" -- it's pretty to the point! The graphics he uses are displayed here on the right panel:

In fact on BluntPimp (Blunty3000's do anything for a buck account), Nate -- errr, Blunty3000 states his answer of over or under in a video blog entitled "The Five questions challenge. The Bluntman, like myself, suffers from mild O.C.D. (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder), that when we spot "backwards" toilet paper, we will reverse it!

My YouTube subscriptions have been somewhat entertaining -- but still, one of the more popular things in my YouTube playlists has been "Hope is Emo", which has been a source of entertainment for many folks that understand the Goth/Emo lifestyle... My favourite quites have been: "Thanks, maybe I'll do that -- or maybe I'll go and have myself cloned and join the dance squad with my evil soul-less twin.", and "Maybe some words should be killed, like 'Goth-tard'."

Today's song is a throwback to the early 80's at 93.3 FM WIRQ... I have been spending some free time working on Chaz' Jukebox, and found this song sitting in the archive bin, unplayed for quite some time! It brings back memories of West Irondequoit, Marv MacIntire, Mark Andres, Dan, Dawn, Sue and all the rest... Enjoy "Midnight Oil - Power And The Passion" -- there are over 8,000 MP3s on Chaz' Jukebox at -- I can not promise how long this URL will remain online!

GUY 101: Creepy, Entertaining, Sorta Funny.
(A story about online cruising, hitchhiking and the risks we take.)

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