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Newsweek’s latest cover, by geographical region

Well, I guess we know what's important to sell issues in the United States! Or could it be that the department of "Homeland Security" would shut down Newsweek for being un-American? Afterall, anything/anyone that potrays Bush in a bad light needs to be shunned, banned, put in a prison (without charges pressed, nor a court date), mocked, made fun of, or killed.

Back in Boston, there is a movement to remove the famous Citgo sign from Kenmore Square (pictured left.) Citgo is a subsidiary of Venezuela's state oil company. The sign can be seen from Fenway Park, and some people propose replacing it with an American flag, following Hugo Chavez calling Bush "The Devil" at the United Nations the other day. Gosh, I do that all the time!

But their reaction is nothing compared to that of book buyers. If you saw Chavez' speech, you couldn't help notice that he was brandishing a book as he ranted. The book was Noam Chomsky's "Hegemony or Survival: America's Quest for Global Dominance." When Chavez was waving the book, Amazon ranked it 20,664 in popularity. By the next day, it was ranked Number One. That's right, it became #1 just because this guy was waving it around while he was screaming out his address. It's even more interesting to see exactly what's been on the top twenty list at Amazon's books lately -- lots of Bush-bashing books!

... Oh well, anything to distract us from voting DEMOCRAT at the upcoming election!
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