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... the squeeky wheel.

On 16/JUN/06, I reported in my BLOG that Vonage was offering existing customers a discounted rate* when they threaten to drop service. As it was a significant savings, I called 866-243-4357 to take advantage of it. They mentioned there was a "one time fee" of $9.99 to change the rate plan, but when I complained about this, they said they would waive it. Well, they did NOT waive it, and I was pissed. I wrote a nasty letter to Vonage on 19/JUN/06.

* Although the rate plan is $19.99, rather than $24.99, the same unlimited calling to all "normal" numbers in the United States, Purto Rico, Canada and the United Kingdom (and other places) are still in effect!

I was billed a mere $6.23 today for an entire MONTH'S home telephone service, including all long distance and non-mobile overseas calls! Things caught up with my complaint, I just didn't know it. I reviewed my statements to discover "Credit Statement # 25498781" on 10/JUL/06 which when viewed shows: "Customer Satisfaction ($28.00), Sales Tax ($1.40), Total Amount ($29.40)"
Jun 8, 2006Payment. Thank you($49.97)
Jun 16, 2006Invoice # 23979810$9.99
Jun 16, 2006Payment. Thank you($9.99)
Jul 8, 2006Invoice # 25329374$35.98
Jul 8, 2006Payment. Thank you($35.98)
Jul 10, 2006Credit Statement # 25498781($29.40)
Aug 8, 2006Invoice # 27315432$35.63
Aug 8, 2006Payment. Thank you($6.23)
Balance   $0.00

So, what's this prove? As a consumer, if you stick to your guns and perseverance, you will sometimes win in the end! I used to pay a base rate of $47.16/month for my land-line based VoIP telephone services (due to all the "FX" lines I had):

Premium Unlimited Plan for 1-(617)-266-7562 (08/Jan-07/Feb) $24.99
Virtual Phone Number for 1-(585)-226-1315 (08/Jan-07/Feb) $4.99
Virtual Phone Number for 44-(207)-993-2750 (08/Jan-07/Feb) $4.99
Virtual Phone Number for 1-(613)-482-2086 (08/Jan-07/Feb) $4.99
Regulatory Recovery Fee $6.00
FET Tax $1.20
Total Amount $47.16

... but now I pay $35.63 a month, and I only eliminated one of my FX lines!

Unlimited Calling Plan for 1-(617)-266-7562 (08/Aug-07/Sep) $19.99
Virtual Phone Number for 1-(585)-226-1315 (08/Aug-07/Sep) $4.99
Virtual Phone Number for 44-(207)-993-2750 (08/Aug-07/Sep) $4.99
Regulatory Recovery Fee $2.97
Emergency 911 Cost Recovery $0.99
Sales Tax $1.70
Total Amount $35.63

Yeah, I know... "Whoopee," that's only a difference of ($11.53)/month, but in a year's time, that will work out to be a savings of $138.36! Little victories for the "little guy" once in a while are very sweet!


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Aug. 8th, 2006 09:40 pm (UTC)
My Hero......
I agree that folks should stick to their guns. I have had several bad customer service run-ins lately, and for each, by not "letting it go", was reimbursed for time and annoyance. Why not get what you pay for?
Aug. 9th, 2006 01:26 pm (UTC)
Re: My Hero......

I'm like a mini-Michael Moore!

(That's a good thing, right?)

Well, it's better then being Al Gore, right?

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