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Well, I've been told!

I try to be nice, explain my point of view and the logical reasons for doing the things I do in a clear and concise manner -- yet it's NOT right because it's not THEIR way. Well, the nice thing about the over-population of this tiny globe is that there are plenty of people to replace them when I stop wasting time with them!

The lovely thing about this song, is that it SOUNDS nice, but it's NOT nice -- it's a curse!

Everyday I must add yet one more person to the ever-growing list of people that piss me off. When I'm in charge, they'll be amongst the first against the wall!
Nickel Creek - Somebody More Like You

I didn't hear you say you're sorry
The fault must be mine
I wish you all the best of luck
At finding somebody more like you

You said you'd love me always, truly
I must have changed
Cause you don't need me like you used to
I hope you find somebody more like you

I hope you finally find someone
Someone that you trust
And give him everything
I hope you meet someone your height
So you can see eye-to-eye
With someone as small as you

You came out of nowhere, made me smile
Then tore me in two
Saying, "We're very different people"
So dear, I hope you find somebody more like you

I hope you find somebody more like you.

Want to hear the song? Click here to listen to it on Chaz' Jukebox! No, I seriously doubt ANY of you know what I'm ranting about, bar one. Grrrr... Don't annoy someone that's having nic fits!



Aug. 5th, 2006 05:32 pm (UTC)
Love the lyrics. I thought of an ex as I read them. THey ring true for sure! Glad I'm over that period in my life. So much sadness for me not ever making his grade.

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