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... you read it first, here, on my blog!

As posted in this blog entry, call it what you will, but in reality, it's really WWIII.

"World War III?
from this article

There has lately been some speculation in the international media that World War III may indeed have begun without many people realizing it. This interpretation is sparked by the escalating violence in Lebanon, between the Israeli military and the Hezbollah, and the real possibility that it could spiral out of control, dragging more and more combatants into the fray."

"So, yes, it can be argued that World War III has began, though on a low level, and the first blow was struck by Al Qaida on 9/11 in Manhattan and Washington DC. Since then, blows and counterblows have been struck, sometimes by proxies, in such diverse places as Sudan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Aden, Nairobi, Dar-es-Salaam, Israel, Pakistan, Kashmir, Indonesia, the Philippines, southern Thailand, Somalia, Istanbul, London, Madrid, Mumbai and now, Lebanon."

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