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Nuclear War launcher/Self Destruction Button and USB hub for sale on eBay soon?

It's here (as of this weekend!), the all-out "nuclear war launch button" that Reg Hardware featured a couple of weeks ago! A fancy four-port USB hub with flashing lights, sound effects and authentic (apparently) power switches and arming key costing a mere $62.21 (USD) -- you can save yourself some cash and order it for (¥5,250, $45, £25, €36) here, if you can read Japanese and don't mind the extra shipping costs. (Minumium order may apply.)

The US-based purveyor of products for the nerdily inclined GeekStuff4U apparently has a consignment of the red-button boxes from Japan. It can be also be shipped to Europe, according to GeekStuff4U's website, for a modest £16/€23/$25.40. Full details are at GeekStuff4U's website.

I expect to see these show up at other fine stores, such as Newbury Comics, Spencer's and such in a few months.

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