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(Fish) Bait & Switch?

Oh boy -- this issue is going to be quite popular:

As posted on gay_sex_tips, grumpygus writes:

A few nights ago when I was at a gay bar this guy kept subtly flirting with me all night..well we talked a little, I got pretty thing I knew we were in the backseat of my friends car making out and heading to my house. While I have never had a one-night stand in my life and normally would never do such a thing, I was single, super horny and wanted some cock.

When we arrived at my house, we continued the making-out, and then I decided I was going to go down on him. So I pull down his pants, open my mouth..and plant my face in his crotch..but wait a second, I thought to myself "where the hell is his cock???!"

To make a long story short, there was no cock, but a VAGINA!!! I got really pissed off and asked this person what the hell is going on, turns out this person was a transgendered Female-to-male, and mislead me into thinking she was a guy, she said she figured I knew because she was really popular at the bar and that I was probably too drunk to care. Well I did care and I was kind of mean about it and kicked her out of my house without further questioning.

Was I wrong to do this?? What would you guys do if the same thing happened to you? This is just another experience that solidifies my opinion that all FTM's I have ever met are deceitful in their efforts to bed gay men.

gay_sex_tips is a moderatly active LJ Community, check it out sometime!

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