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My apologies to those whom have not seen Logan's Run.

Well, it's a mere six days until my fortieth birthday. I was sort of shocked when I turned thirty -- I honestly didn't think I'd be around to see that day with the way I live! For those that know me really well, I don't consider age to be much more than a number... You're really only as old as you feel and behave. I know some guys in their twenties that act like old men! (For those technical geeks that read my blog, before you gripe, I know Logan's Run "Lastday" is your 30th birthday, not your 40th!)

Virtually everything on my "top ten" list of things to do before turning 40 has been done, so with that, I'm shocked and satisfied. There were many "walks of Dharma" in my list (which basically are challenging yourself to accomplish things you are scared to do, in the eventual betterment of yourself and your soul.) The last remaining thing on my list is to skydive, which I will be doing just a little bit late... but before turning 41! Thanks to Dave, who found Skydive New England, at 40 Skydive Lane in Lebanon, Maine (yes, that's where Brittney lives!) I'm planning to book my lesson and jump for August 2006.

This past weekend was fun-packed! Thursday I went up to New Hampshire to hang with Dave -- Friday, I worked from home, and Friday night, the Boston Bears held a barnight at Hobo's in Salisbury Beach, MA. We had a great turn-out, and some impressive karaoke singers! We stayed until just past midnight. Interested in seeing some photos of the event? Click here. Please note: This is not a "perma-link" for these photos.

On Saturday, Dave and I headed to Boston. I was on the motorcycle, trying to beat the rain (and I just about made it too! I hardly got wet!) After doing some serious catch-up on things that were going wrong with my server ( while I was in N.H., Dave and I went to see "Lady in the Water" -- as Jim Emerson of the Chicago Sun-Times says: "Who am I to knock the work of the man who, in his own film, casts himself as a writer whose ideas will inspire a future leader who will save the world?" (grin) In all honesty, I thought the movie was great -- so did Dave. Once again proving that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Late Saturday afternoon through the mid-evening, Dave and I went to a barbeque at a co-worker's home. It was a huge event with people from all walks of life. We had a great time, and all of "the tribe" bar Sarah, who is on her way to Colorado, were there! It was nice that Dave got a chance to meet some of the folks I work with finally! Sunday night, we simply crashed early. We were both tired. I went to sleep while playing Simpson's episodes which I have been accumulating on my ftp server lately.

On Sunday, Dave took off early to go to another party, this one was at Mark's home with his workmates. I proceeded to go back to sleep, until noon. I guess I needed it. After doing the washing and cleaning, I worked on updating the Boston Bears' Photo Library website, and was web-surfing until 6pm. I then went, by myself, to see "Clerks II" -- in my "top ten" favourite movies, Clerks (the original) is amung them. (So is "Fight Club" and "The [first] Matrix") Bill Zwecker of the Chicago Sun-Times says: "I found myself laughing uproariously at the craziness and zaniness of it all." -- and honestly, I was amazed to see that the critics, overall, liked "Clerks II" better than "Lady in the Water" -- considering that "Clerks"/"Clerks II" was pretty low-brow humour -- almost slapstick in nature at points, and the laguage could make a sailor blush! Nothing, but nothing will ever beat the line from Dante in "Clerks": "Try not to suck any dick on your way through the parking lot!" to his girlfriend. But, I will admit I, and just about the entire theatre, was laughing in tears from "Kinky Kelly's Donkey Show!" If you're thinking about skipping this movie, consider reading the Wikipedia entry for Clerks II before abandoning the idea. Caution: spoilers in the link!

Thanks to Ramón Pérez and Rob Coughler at Butternut Squash for the Logan's Run cartoon at the top of the screen -- just one of many "web cartoons" I enjoy.
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