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Snakes on a Plane redux and Who are your real friends?

A number of folks who replied to my Snakes on a Plane blog entry are really looking forward to this movie! I'm really stunned to see this. There hasn't been a heck of a lot of commentary to support the votes it's getting though... here's your chance to vote, if you haven't alreday!

This is a movie I wouldn't even want to watch for free! -- is ANYONE going to actually pay to watch this silly movie? Convince me it's worth it! Take my poll here!

Who are your real friends??

The question is: "How can you tell who your real friends are? Is it alright to test your friends friendship? What is a definitive way to test friendship?"

A suggestion, offered at says:
"Testing" your friends wouldn't be a preferable idea. Though, you can ask yourself some questions to clear up who your real friends are and who are not. Usually it just depends on your point of view, but some general questions can get you thinking ;;

1. Can you see this friend(s) being there for you whenever you are in need of help? Can you see yourself calling them randomly with a problem and just talking it out?

2. Do you have respect for this person, and in light of that, do they have equal respect for you? (if they tease you/make fun of you constantly/ditch you/talk behind your back, then the definite answer is 'no.')

3. Does this person accept you for who you are? (if you have 'changed' for this person, or have 'become a new person' in order to satisfy your friends, then the answer is yes, which is a negative aspect.)

4. Do you feel controlled/manipulated/ or feel like they take advantage of you? (if yes, then this is negative, too).

These are pretty extreme questions, but it seems to me that a lot of friendship-relationships have one of these aspects in them that is breaking the friendship down.

Do you think friendship is something that should be "put to this challenge?"

If you look at your LiveJournal "friends list", what can be said to this end? Do you even KNOW half of the people in your list?

Do you have a "best friend?" If so, what makes them your best friend?

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