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T.G.I.F. (tm)

It's Friday! Ho-ray! With the state of the world, we need more weekends and lots more liquor! Chaz' soapbox of gloom and doom is below. But, all is not lost! The Boston Bears are hosting an out-of-town Bear Barnight at Hobo's in Salisbury Beach! If you are a reader of my blog and are there, please come up and say hello!

For party details, see the Boston Bears LiveJournal Community at

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As seen on Slashdot:

President Bush Blocks NSA Wireless Tapping Probe

By denying security clearance to federal attorneys from the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) seeking to gather evidence in the NSA illegal surveillance scandal, President Bush has effectively blocked the Justice Department's investigation into the matter of who exactly authorized the illegal actions to take place. The president is apparently able to strictly control who does and does not have security clearance to examine documents regarding the program, citing that giving more people access would endanger national security. His denial is the first of its kind in American history. To quote the article, 'Since its creation some 31 years ago, OPR has conducted many highly sensitive investigations involving Executive Branch programs and has obtained access to information classified at the highest levels,' chief lawyer H. Marshall Jarrett wrote in a memorandum released Tuesday. 'In all those years, OPR has never been prevented from initiating or pursuing an investigation.'

... big surprise there! NOT!!

Tick tock, Tick tock...

Once upon a time, the "Doomsday Clock" was a big concern by a lot of people, but we all turned a blind eye when the U.S.S.R. became the Russian Federation and the cold war fizzled. Since 1991, we've been creeping back up towards midnight -- and with the latest actions in the Middle East, compounded with what was already going on in the region, I wonder what the clock looks like now...

Could it be Thirty miliseconds to midnight?
1991 ... Seventeen minutes to midnight
1995 ... Fourteen minutes to midnight
1998 ... Nine minutes to midnight
2002 ... Seven minutes to midnight

I used to be terrified of nuclear war when I was a child, nowadays it's like -- let's just get it over with and start society over. We're all pretty fucked up, and it does not look like it's going to get any better. When Bush was re-elected, the last remains of hope I held that the United States could "catch up" with the civilized world vanished.

Would the last one to leave the planet, please turn out the lights please?

“And this is how the world ends,
Not with a bang but with a whimper.”
- The Hollow Men - T.S. Eliot

"Mine is the last voice you will ever hear. Do not be alarmed."
- Frankie Goes to Hollywood - "Two Tribes"

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