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Dr. Who Episodes now ONLINE!

Well, for those of you who are waiting to see this year's (already completed) season of Dr. Who, with the NEW doctor, David Tennant -- don't hold your breath waiting for the SciFi Channel to run them anytime soon.

I now have the ENTIRE second season of "Doctor Who II" (The New Doctor Who) ready to download, and now on a faster internet connection! Today at 17:00 EST I revised the hardware and network interfaces to allow for more rapid downloads of files from my FTP server!

So, come and get 'em while I can still host them! Be the first on your block to download and watch 'em and impress your SciFi channel lovin' friends with your "knowledge of the future" (just about a year to be exact!)

You can now download (one at a time please) all of last year and this year's episodes of Dr. Who! Enjoy! Who/Dr Who 2006.html
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