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Busy weekend coming up!

This weekend, although based in the Boston area, involves a bit ot travel and looks to be a busy and exciting weekend!

Tonight, I'm going to the Boston Bears' Happy Hour at The Alley (from 17:30 to 19:30) -- then it's off to where-ever...

Tomorrow morning, Dave and I take the motorcycle to Deep River, CT for Deep River Ancient Muster (a Fife & Drum parade and muster) -- I hope to see Ken Barlow (a former workmate) there!

On Sunday, Dave and I will be going on the Xtreme Riders Fun Run (a motorcycle trip!) Below is a photo of the Xtreme Riders Club:

It should be a good weekend!

Oh, yeah -- on my way up to Dave's last night, I passed by the cutest red-hairred bear with Government plates on his car on the I-93. I secretly snapped his photo from inside my car as I passed him. His photo is on the left.

Hummm, could I get in trouble for posting his photo without his knowledge?


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