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I'm back from New York!

I know I haven't put a lot of my own personal content in my blog since going on meds, and I'm sorry about that, but I find myself with fewer "pockets" of energy than I used to have...

In any case, today's entry is reposted from, I believe than MANY of us can relate to it on our own level...


A Time for Reflection

I came out, July 4th, 1976! Thirty years ago! What a different world we lived in then! It was harder to be gay...much harder. But there was no AIDS. No fear of terrorists. And no El Presidente.

It was the Summer of '76. A time I shall never forget. There was a sense of well being, at least for me. Viet Nam was behind us. There was the future to look forward to. Soon Ford wouldn't be stumbling off planes while chewing gum. Apple Computer Company was founded and a few months later, Microsoft. No one had a computer but IBM, Universities, some large businesses and the government. Patty Hearst was convicted. Saul Bellow won the Nobel Prize for Literature, but he had already exhorted me to "Seize the Day" and I was bound to. The Ramones ushered in Punk Rock. A common man (with money) could fly to the edge of the stratosphere on the Concorde at 1350 MPH and look back at the curve of the Earth. It was our bicentennial. California's sodomy law was repealed, not that that was ever my main concern, but it was a step for human rights. There was hope....for me, the hope that I would finally find someone with whom I wanted to share my life and who wished to do so with me.

I think of thirty years earlier, when many of us weren't alive, Summer of '46. People in America were jubilant at the end of the Second World War. The first meeting of the United Nations was held. The Universities swelled with men who had returned from the war and took advantage of the G.I. Bill- the last major part of The New Deal legislation....legislation which gave so many Americans a chance to get ahead. Many of us were born, or were about to be, with the expectations of our fathers and mothers, that we were their hope for the future. The Central Intelligence Group (C.I.A.) was also founded, sprouting its first tentacle and Ho Chi Minh signed an agreement with the French to join the supposedly autonomous French Union. But it was mostly a time for hope and innocence.

Thirty years earlier, Summer of 1916. Brandeis was appointed to the Supreme Court; the Boy Scouts were founded by a bill signed by President Wilson, Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger; WW I had not broken out, yet. It was a time for hope.

This summer, we fight wars on three fronts, one Real, in Afghanistan, one Amorphous- al-Qaeda- worldwide, one a Chimera-Iraq... all pursued by our knee-jerk, repressive government's policy of Amerika Über Alles. The bushits have us watching Iran for bomb building and N. Korea for bomb sending. They gave up their crayon coded scare alerts for a permanent state of RED ALERT. They have terrified some people so much they are suspicious of the pigeons in their yards (one of our neighbors was actually honking his car horn to scatter birds in his yard for fear of bird flu.) The bushits have listened to phone calls, tapped financial records, read e/mails, imprisoned men without trial, sent others to foreign countries to be tortured, all with only a presidential imprimatur and when newspapers cry "foul", the newspapers are called traitors! How does this insanity work? The American Bar Association released a poll that reflects a disturbing trend — many Americans do not have a basic grasp of American civics or U.S. government processes. Only 55 percent of American adults could identify the three branches of U.S. government: executive, legislative and judicial." An ignorant populace cannot make intelligent decisions... and hasn't.

Instead of giving hope to the poor, bushits have given tax cuts to the super rich. Instead of finding ways to become less dependent upon oil, American industries build gas guzzlers. Instead of being reassured we are headed in the right direction, bushits tell us to expect terror from the terrorists...But who are they... al-Qaeda, or the republicans?

I wonder, in 2036, when I'm sitting in my rocker (hopefully, not off it) what will I say to Terry, "By crackie, I 'member the Summer of aught six ('06)...that was the year:

A) "Everything started to get better."

B) "Everything went to shit and it never got better. Thank god we moved to Barcelona."

So today I say: Remember what we were. Think of what we are now. Hope for what we could be. And for those of us who know what the 4th of July represents (not a beer bust), let us be joyous that we know what a great country we should live in.

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