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Letter to Vonage... all due to a $10 lie.

Per your recommendation, I called customer care, waited on hold for over 20 minutes, to finally be connected to a representative who simply told me that "the person I spoke with did not have authorization to waive the $9.99 service plan change fee."

When I call into Vonage, on your posted telephone numbers for customer service, how am I, the customer able to determine who has "authorization" or not to "waive" a fee, or perform other functions on behalf of Vonage?? As a customer, I assume when told by a representative/employee of Vonage that something will be billed, refunded, changed, etc. that the person I am speaking with has the authority to make these decisions/changes.

I have been a Vonage customer since 8 March 2003, and have always spoken highly of Vonage to my friends and family. I have referred MANY people to your service, in many cases I don't even get the credit you offer when someone does this... but I must say that this is the first time that I have ever felt that Vonage does not value me as a customer like they used to.

I know we're only talking about $10 here, and my monthly bill is much more than that, due to all of my virtual numbers. but it's the fact that I was LIED TO when I was told a $9.99 fee was going to be waived, and to add insult to injury, I was simply told that "there's nothing I can do, that person didn't have the authorization to make that offer" when I called into customer care.

I was a LOYAL customer, now I am seriously looking at other VoIP service providers. I referred MANY friends and family to your service, many whom have service with you now. I mentioned you NUMEROUS TIMES in my BLOG, and followed up with inquiries from YOUR prospective customers. I even BETA tested some of your hardware!! Well, that's stopping now. All because one of your agents told me one thing, and I got another.

Yes, I am angry.

Please forward this to whomever you wish. I am forwarding this to some of the folks that I have referred to Vonage to let them know what to expect from the "new Vonage" and to beware and process ALL transactions in writing!

I have already discontinued my Ottawa, Ontario FX ("virtual" phone number), since I wasn't getting many calls from my friends in Ottawa -- and I will yank my Rochester, NY number next if they don't take any action...

I really love the concept behind Vonage, and in the beginning they were just great... Ever since the IPO and all the shit that's hit the fan, I don't know what to think anymore... Cost-wise, it makes sense over traditional phone companies, technology-wise, it's a geek's dream telecom service, but customer service-wise, it's getting bad...

For third-party Vonage insight, check out http://www.vonage-forum.com/


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Jun. 19th, 2006 11:17 pm (UTC)
Be sure to send a copy to certain media outlets - sound like they deserve to have their stock pushed lower.
Jun. 21st, 2006 07:21 pm (UTC)
vonage customer service
he he he -
Of course the Service Rep does not have authority to credit you the 10 bucks.

You need to thank them for trying and that you appreciate what they are trying to do, but who there CAN take the 10 dollars off.
Kill them with kindness and it always works.
Especially since you've been a customer for soooo long, you just need to make sure they know it.

Call back, go through the motions with the rep, saying, "the fee should be waived, in Massacusetts, you've never heard of that, Verizon would never charge me like that, is there someone there that can waive the fee because I've beeen a good customer"

I got an extra 20 % off my cell phone and nights starting at 7 pm with that " tactic " he he he
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