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Save on Vonage!

In an article which ran on http://www.bloomberg.com/ -- it says that Vonage is offering existing customers a discounted rate when they threaten to drop service. "It is increasingly apparent that Vonage is struggling to drive subscriber growth following the IPO," Greenfield said in a note to clients today, after he called the company to cancel his Vonage service and was offered a service plan for $19.99 a month, $5.00 less than the price for new customers.

After reading this, I called 866-243-4357 today to take advantage of it. They mention that there's a "one time fee" of $9.99 to change the rate plan, but when I complained about this, they waived it*. Although the rate plan is $19.99, rather than $24.99, the same unlimited calling to all "normal" numbers in the United States, Purto Rico, Canada and the United Kingdom (and other places) is still in effect!

I have referred many people over to Vonage over the past four years, and everyone I recommended it to loves it! If you are interested in Vonage service, let me know BEFORE you order service and I will add you as a referral (which gives me two months of free Vonage service, plus one month free service to you!) Vonage is available in the United Kingdom, The United States, Canada and elsewhere!

Jun 16, 2006 Invoice # 23979810 $9.99
Jun 16, 2006 Payment. Thank you ($9.99)
Balance $0.00



Jun. 16th, 2006 06:30 pm (UTC)
Can you transfer your existing number to it?
Does it work during power outages?
Does 911 work on it?

All my land line is for is keeping the same number I've had for years and years, and emergency use (and giving out to those who I don't want to have my cell.)

I never use long distance, but if the LD is free to any number, that would be cool.

Yes, you can keep current phone number. See this webpage http://vonage.com/avail.php?lid=nav_avail

If you have a UPS (battery) that powers your vonage box and cable modem, yes, your phone will work during a black out. If you have a CELL PHONE, you can also set up on the "FEATURES" page something called a "Network Availability Number", when Vonage automatically has your calls forwarded to a phone number of your choice in the event your Internet connection is disrupted.

Yes, a special type of 911 (and 311 if offered in your area) both work. Please note: Vonage 911 service operates differently than traditional 911. See http://www.vonage.com/911 for details.

Review the F.A.Q. here: http://vonage.com/features.php and if your are interested -- please allow me to "refer" you to Vonage so we can both get a deal.

There are so many advantages over "traditional" phone service, such as "SimulRing", FX lines (foreign exchanges) for only $5/mo, to many many other features THAT YOU CAN CONFIGURE DYNAMICIALLY ONLINE for free, whereas the phone companies charge you for each of the services (caller id, call forwarding, etc.)

Want to try it? Call me on any of my Vonage lines!

Boston, MA USA ........... +1 617-266-7562
London, England UK ....... +44 (0)207 993 2750
New York, NY USA ......... +1 718 554-6053
Ottawa, Ontario .......... +1 613 482-2086
Rochester, NY USA ........ +1 585 226-1315

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