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More Dr. Who News / Circumcision Update!

I'd like to get copies (DVD or AVI) of "Torchwood", the Captain Jack Dr. Who spin-off, as well as the NEW "K-9 & Company" to be aired soon on BBC. I have the original "K-9 & Company" and ... blech! No wonder it didn't take off! They would have been better off using the "Stones of Blood" scenario again, rather than the Miss Marple-style murder mystery! (The new 21st century K-9 is photoed left.)

At first, I was pissed that Christopher Eccleston left the show over Billy Piper being more popular than he! I have dirt about the episode titled "Parting of the Ways" -- some of the scenes with Billy and Christopher were "edited" to make it appear that they were talking to each other, when in fact, they wouldn't even work in the same studio!

Apparently, Peter Davison (who played the 5th Doctor, photoed left) slammed Christopher Eccleston (who played the 9th doctor [2005-2005], photoed right) for leaving the series after just one its season. Peter Davison replaced the Doctor from 1982 to 1984 has accused Eccleston of letting the fans down. After recording 13 episodes of the new series Christopher Eccleston announced he would be stepping down to work on other projects after just one of the 13 episodes have been aired. 54 year-old Davison stated: "are hate to see, after all the effort that went into getting the programme back on TV, Doctor Who scuppered by an actor saying 'I don't what to do this any more'. It is their difficult for people to watch knowing that he has walked out and show. I don't think you can engage with the new Doctor in the way you should be able to."

I didn't like David Tennant (photoed left) at all at first -- I had the same feeling about Tom Baker when he replaced Jon Pertwee! But Tom did a GREAT job! Just as Tom Baker did fantastic as The Doctor, David Tennant not only is doing a smashing job in his role of "The Doctor", I'm very impressed at how well he plays the character and makes it his own! He's already signed on for a second year (2007 in Britain!!) I'm so happy that the NEW Dr. Who is doing so well! Unlike Christopher, David Tennant has said "he'll have to be fired to get rid of him from the series."

When I was in England earlier this month, I was so proud to see the 2006 series of Dr. Who win BEST DRAMA SERIES (for the 2006 episodes) at the BATA! The podium at the awards was graced by none other than Billy Piper (Rose), David Tennant (The Doctor 2006-??), Terry Nation* and even a Dalek!!! When "Dr. Who" wins Best Drama Series in 2006 in the British Academy Television Awards, you know it's going to stick around for a while!!

Tennant was mobbed at the Baftas. So it skewed to congratulate him on the role. Each one was begging "Get me on the show." Matt Lucas, David Williams and Will Young (best known for their roles in Little Britain) are top of the "Doctor Who guest role list." Another amusing link between the shows of Little Britain and Doctor Who is that of former doctor Tom Baker, who is this a real narrator of Little Britain! Christopher Eccleston shocked BBC bosses when he announced he was good no-show after just one series. "We were told that bringing it back would be impossible, that we would never capture this generation of children. But we did it." Russell T Davies, creator of the new series of Doctor Who, said viewers still wanted family entertainment. Doctor Who got 14 BAFTA nominations in total, and multiple awards (On Friday 19 May, the BAFTA Television Craft Awards [another awards presentation, rewarding outstanding work by behind-the-scenes experts rather than actors, writers, etc.] were given out at a ceremony in London.):

Best Drama - Doctor Who
Feature Programme - Doctor Who Confidential
New Media - Doctor Who: Attack of the Graske
Director of Photography - Ernie Vincze (The Christmas Invasion)
Sound - Ian Richardson
Design - Ed Thomas (The Christmas Invasion)
Graphics/Titles - The Mill (The Christmas Invasion)
Costume - Lucinda Wright
Make-Up - Davy Jones
Screenwriter - Russell T Davies
Original Soundtrack - Murray Gold (The Christmas Invasion)
Director - James Hawes (The Christmas Invasion)
Actor - Christopher Eccleston
Actress - Billie Piper

* Did you know: Terry Nation is a part-time writer for Dr. Who and the creator of the Daleks. Did you know to this day the Nation estate jointly owns the copyright to the likeness and characters of the Daleks with the BBC -- all episodes with anything to do with Daleks MUST be approved by Terry Nation [or his estate!]

Call Dr. Who! - a Tardis has landed in the east end!

It's a mystery even Doctor Who would struggle to explain - a Tardis has appeared in a wall in Glasgow's east end.

But if David Tennant and Billy Piper travelled back in time they'd find the answer in 1912. It was the year the Titanic sank, construction of Hampden got under way ... and the Mark Two cast-iron police box was introduced in Glasgow.

The police box was made redundant in 1935 and forgotten about for decades - until a curious worker found it embedded in a brick wall earlier this year.

Penis news!

I have put some new (recent) photos online from my third procedure, performed January 2006. Please remember, these are GRAPHIC photos! Close your eyes if you're easily offended!

click here to see the photos, if you dare!

Dr. Who on Chazhome!

Don't forget -- new episodes of Dr. Who are being put on ChazHome on a regular basis! Check it out here: http://chazhome.com/Dr Who/Dr Who 2006.html -- Please mind my bandwidth -- only download ONE at a time. They're not going away!



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May. 31st, 2006 08:29 pm (UTC)
I thought 9 left cause he didn't want to get type-cast as the doctor. so he said 1 season was enough for him. Was this just a cover story cause he didn't get along with Rose?
May. 31st, 2006 08:38 pm (UTC)

I thought 9 left cause he didn't want to get type-cast as the doctor. so he said 1 season was enough for him. Was this just a cover story cause he didn't get along with Rose?

Yep!! (At least according to my sources on the inside!)

One tabloid in the U.K. got it backward and claimed that Billie was going to leave the show, not Christopher! Oops! Well, I'm sure you know Brits and tabloids! ;-) They're almost worse then the Weekly World News readers in the queue at the tills of the Super-Duper stores in the "bible belt" in the States!! "Bat Boy Lives!!!"

??? What's Weekly World News ???

Headlines from their website today read:


'nuff said? ;-)

Jun. 1st, 2006 04:06 am (UTC)
I looked.
It must hurt !
Jun. 21st, 2006 01:13 am (UTC)

I looked.
It must hurt !

Naw... not as much as you think! It was the getting used to being "exposed" all the time that was the weirdist thing...

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