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RIP: Terry Marshall

Terry Marshall

Friend, Brother, Ram
May 4th 1964 - May 11th 2006

Terry Marshall passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at 18:30 11-May-06 exactly one week following his 42nd birthday (his actual age was a closely guarded secret!) Terry Marshall is/was a full member of the Rochester Rams, M.C. for many years and stood 6'2, weighed 225 pounds and sported a very muscular build.

Terry went to hospital with a severe headache and did not recover following a "seizure", and is believed (at this time) to have suffered a brain aneurysm or stroke.

Terry was a mild-mannered and kind person that was a staple in the Rams for a long time. He will be missed by all who knew him...

Funeral & services information will be posted in the Democrat & Chronicle.

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