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Have you Seen This Man?


Have you seen this man?

I've been tweaking things behind the scenes on my fileserver! One of the recent changes has been to my Doctor Who (2005) episode download page! I'm gearing up to begin hosting the new 2006 episodes that are now playing on BBC 1! I'm really hoping and praying that this season will be as good as 2005 was -- but from just the titles of the shows alone, I'm concerned that they are going to gear it towards children again, just as they did with the 7th doctor, Sylvester McCoy -- towards the end with episodes like "The Happiness Patrol", "Paradise Towers" and "The Greatest Show In the Galaxy" -- don't get me wrong, there were also some GREAT Sylvester McCoy episodes, such as "Time And the Rani" -- although Dr. Who started out as a children's show to teach history, if not for the Daleks and the SciFi aspect of it, it wouldn't have survived...

I mean, check out "Totally Doctor Who", a new children's series that started Thursday, 13 April, 2006: "BBC One's brand new series Totally Doctor Who starts on Thursday 13 April at 5pm, as part of Children's BBC. Hosted by Barney Harwood and Blue Peter's Liz Barker, Totally Doctor Who will give younger viewers a glimpse of the thrills and spills coming up in the new series." See:

Oh well, we shall see! I should have "New Earth" by this weekend, and "Tooth and Claw" airs tomorrow on BBC 1, Sunday on BBC 3, and I'll have it as well shortly!

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