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Laptop Down...

Well, I know that my hard drive in my laptop has been getting sicker and sicker with every "clunk" sound that it makes, and after last week's issue with not being able to boot for 5 hours, it was time to call in a ticket... I got a replacement hard drive from IBM service last week then opened a problem ticket so deskside support can move my image over to the new hard drive...

Well, Monday was my appointment in Waltham, MA to move the image, and they do not copy the original disc, they will install an "e-client build", the standard Windows XP build that all IBM employees get on their new laptops... Yes, I could have simply gone with this and re-installed my software and data from my backup files -- however, there are some applications I use (like Avantail Connect, which I require to access the server consoles from remote) that would be VERY difficult to replace. So I asked the service technician if I could borrow the IDE to UltraBay converter module so I could do the rebuild myself.

Well, today is Wednesday and I'm still working on getting the image to be a bootable image! It takes a good four to ten hours to copy hard drive to hard drive, and I have tried several applications that 'claim' to be able to carbon copy the drive, including boot sectors. HA! In about 2 1/2 hours I'll know if DriveImage XML will be able to do it for real! (So far,so good!)

Needless to say, this is putting be behind the "eight ball" in respect to work and personal e-mail by days!

Last weekend I went to Maine with Dave, Mark and friends. It was a nice getaway. On Easter Sunday we went to Dave's family (Mary Kay and Mark's) for Easter dinner and Ellie's 3rd birthday -- a good time was had by all! Ellie is such a sweetie!

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Apr. 20th, 2006 10:50 am (UTC)
I end up making images of dead laptop drives fairly often (hint: open your laptop and check the drive manufacturer. If it is Toshiba, buy a non-Toshiba drive NOW). On the last ones, I used DriveImage with good results, assuming the drive would cooperate for the full time required. The last one I had to refrigerate overnight before it would cooperate.

Now, as a longtime geek, you KNEW that when you first heard a clunk or two, it was time to look into another drive. What took so long?
Apr. 20th, 2006 09:41 pm (UTC)

Now, as a longtime geek, you KNEW that when you first heard a clunk or two, it was time to look into another drive. What took so long?

It's a pain in the butt to reimage a laptop hard drive; so I delayed. I did regular backups of the data and registry in the event that it went belly-up; however, the drive was working well enough to boot and function properly so there was "no rush" to replace it and deal with the days of recovery needed.

My last DriveImage XML of the bad drive seems to have worked -- I restored the disk to the new drive today and this time I also updated the SID and serial number of the drive so it's a perfect clone.

The system booted.

Winduhs, however, did not cooperate. It does not see my domain, and when I login locally will let me in and boot me out just as quickly. A quick look at the drive with WiNTernals tells me the drive LOOKS good; but parts of the system files are corrupt.

I am currently running Windows XP cd-rom to reinstall the system files. (It's going VERY slowly...)

I hope to be out of here with a working system in the next 1/2 hour.

If not; I can always install Windows XP again and simply recover from my backups and fight to get the software install discs that I require to do my job. (Ugh, red tape.)

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