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Catching up...

I popped down to New York earlier this week to appear on Hardfire, a Libertarian television show produced in Brooklyn, NY, by Gary Popkin (photo left.) The topic of the show: Circumcision - should it be a parent's choice? -- Well, the show went very well considering that I was surrounded by Jewish men and women, who have a very different believe on the subject than I. The program will be aired on Monday night, April 24, at 10:30 EDT. It can be seen on cable in Brooklyn and on the Internet worldwide. Go to for a link to the live streaming. I have not personally seen the show yet, but I think I did a good job, considering that the specific issues I wanted to cover were not all included.

I'm still adjusting to my new meds and feeling nauseous every morning. :-( This puts a serious damper on the level of energy I have and how much I can do in a day. I'm very lucky that I can work from home from time to time. I take two doses, one in the morning at 10:00 and one in the evening at 22:00. Bad reactions happen about two to three hours after taking the pills, so on the night dose, I tend to sleep through any problems.

I got my motorcycle back on the road this month, but haven't had much opportunity to ride yet. Nights are chilly, and we've had a few rainy days already. Oh well, it's April -- there's still a lot of riding season to go, right?

I quietly celebrated my third year in Boston on February 15th, 2006 and the third anniversary of the Boston Bears on the 31st of March.
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