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Stopping RIC in Massachusetts - Phase II


In your "Newborn Professional Payment Policy", you state that "Circumcisions performed in the hospital during the inpatient stay do not require a referral and are authorized by the mother’s or newborn’s preregistration."


All eighteen national and international medical organizations that have studied and spoken on this issue say at minimum that circumcising healthy minors is medically unnecessary and not recommended. It is therefore an unjustified waste of money. In addition, one in two hundred boys are actually harmed in one way or another by "routine" infant circumcision -- I was one of them.

Please reconsider funding this practice.

I would appreciate a reply.

Charles A Antonelli

Also, target your elected officials to stop Medicaid from paying for RIC!!

Massachusetts Medicaid: Circumcising Taxpayers

Stop Massachusetts Medicaid funding of medically unnecessary, elective circumcising.

Top 12 Reasons to End this Medicaid Tax Waste, Fraud and Abuse

There are many valid reasons to, any one of which is sufficient to end this totally misguided funding now.

1) CIRCUMCISING IS UNNECESSARY. All eighteen national and international medical organizations that have studied and spoken on this issue say at minimum that circumcising healthy minors is medically unnecessary and not recommended. It is therefore an unjustified waste of taxpayer money. We don’t have enough money now to fund many essential medical services for the poor. Wasting Medicaid taxes on unnecessary medicine harms both the poor, who need necessary medicine, and all taxpayers. This double mistake is unacceptable. We must not waste hard-earned public tax dollars funding medically unnecessary, not recommended, ill-informed private parental choices.

AND, Massachusetts law already prohibits funding of all unnecessary medicine: DMA regulation 450.204 Medical Necessity, states, "The Division will not pay a provider for services that are not medically necessary." Massachusetts Medicaid paying for unnecessary, elective circumcisions is ALREADY ILLEGAL. Obey the law.

2) CIRCUMCISING IS UNPROVEN. Since 1870 US medical doctors have given us a list of over 200 diseases they claimed circumcising would prevent, cure, or both. Not one has ever been proved. Many circumcised adults feel compelled to circumcise their own and even other people's children. The problem is in the circumcising adult, not the child victim. We mutilate them trying to "prove" that mutilating us was right. It wasn’t. There is no valid scientific evidence that genital mutilation ever did anybody any good, except the people paid to do it. We do it because we want to. Parents who want to circumcise their boys anyway would still be able to (but do it to girls and go to jail [this is equal protection of the law?]), they’ll just have to fund it themselves instead of circumcising taxpayers’ wallets.

3) CIRCUMCISING IS EXPENSIVE. Massachusetts Medicaid spends at least hundreds of thousands of dollars annually unnecessarily and very unwisely circumcising minors. Nationally Medicaid spent over 36 million dollars in 1999 in direct payments to circumcisers. It's probably twice that now, in 2006. The country as a whole spends over $650,000,000 annually, not counting the botched jobs, and that’s just the beginning of the dollar costs, and those are just the beginning of the true human costs. To see those, look around. It's not a pretty sight these days.

4) CIRCUMCISING WASTES SCARCE MEDICAID RESOURCES. . I am 100% certain that Massachusetts' Governor and every member of the Massachusetts Legislature easily can find far more urgent, real, unfulfilled medical needs of the poor on which to spend this money, and I am equally certain that it is your clear responsibility to the poor and to the poor abused taxpayers of Massachusetts to do so, this session. Fulfill it.

5) CIRCUMCISING HURTS. "Babies can’t feel it?" The scientists who study it tell us that infants respond to circumcision - with blood stress hormones (cortisol), CO2 levels, heart rates, etc. - the same way adults respond to extreme torture. Medicaid has no mandate to spend tax dollars unnecessarily torturing defenseless babies. Stop it.

6) CIRCUMCISING HARMS. Far from helping Massachusetts’ poor, circumcising harms all its physical and fiscal victims. It harms our whole society. Science has documented many serious losses and damages suffered by people circumcised. See Genital mutilation causes a broad range of proven physical and emotional harms, from the rare to the universal. Many are listed here: None of them are necessary. All of them are very easy to prevent: Just say no to funding circumcising.

7) CIRCUMCISING KILLS. Many boys and girls - the sex of the child is COMPLETELY irrelevant - are killed every year by circumcising - totally unnecessarily - in America and a few other barbaric countries around the world.

8) CIRCUMCISING IS FINANCIALLY RISKY, TOO. Massachusetts Medicaid doesn’t have enough money as it is. In addition to the obvious risks to the baby - anything penis and life-threatening is risky - the last thing taxpayers need is $100,000,000 lawsuits by irate parents when they find out their baby's penis was destroyed or he was killed outright by illegal Medicaid funding of a medically-not-recommended, sexually discriminatory, unnecessary, elective, cultural male genital mutilation. Why in the world do we even have to discuss this? Have we no brains at all?

9) CIRCUMCISING IS ILLEGAL AND VIOLATES HUMAN RIGHTS. It violates the most fundamental human rights; the inalienable rights to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, freedom of religion, bodily integrity, security of person. It violates the legal right to keep one’s own body safe from unjustified harm by others. It is no one’s right to violate anyone’s inalienable human rights or legal rights. Genital mutilation takes away by force and sexual violence vitally important sexual body parts and human choices. It amputates free will, an even more fundamental loss than erogenous sexual tissue since free will is what differentiates humans from animals. Medicaid has absolutely no business funding nontherapeutic, elective circumcising of minors. Please educate yourselves on this rationally simple - this should be the easiest Medicaid cut you ever make; enjoy it! - but emotionally sometimes very difficult subject. Protect Massachusetts' minors and treasury from those ignorant adults who want to perpetuate/perpetrate this medically unnecessary, unproven, unjustified, not-medically-recommended amputation from unconsenting minors of normal, healthy, living, highly sensitive, beneficial, sexually functional erogenous tissue. Such people tax us all to subsidize private mistakes with public dollars. This is wrong. Old habits aren’t always right. We’ve been raping each other for far longer than we’ve been circumcising each other, but the antiquity of these sex crimes doesn't make them right.

10) CIRCUMCISING IS UNETHICAL. Chopping up other people's bodies without their permission - what parts are damaged is irrelevant - is unethical in the extreme. Dr. Margaret Somerville, founder of McGill University's Center for Medicine, Ethics and Law, calls circucmising "criminal assault", which, in addition to being illegal, is unethical. Read the entire chapter from her book, The Ethical Canary: Science, Society and the Human Spirit, entitled Altering Baby Boys' Bodies - The Ethics of Infant Male Circumcision, available on the web at

11) CIRCUMCISING IS STUPID. Join Massachusetts with Nobel Laureates, including Francis Crick (Physiology and Medicine, 1962), George Wald (Physiology and Medicine, 1967), Betty Williams (Peace, 1977), and other leading thinkers at working to end genital mutilation of children worldwide. Everyone knows Crick for his DNA discoveries. Wald, a Jewish Harvard biology professor, discovered vitamin A and how it works with light to form the molecular basis of vision. See his essay, "Circumcision", in his box 103 in the Harvard Archives.

12) CIRCUMCISING IS ENDING. Join Massachusetts with 12 other states intelligent enough to spend their taxes in smarter ways. If FLORIDA legislators (state #12, July 1, 2003), who now call their decision a "no-brainer", are smart enough to stop this insane funding, certainly MASSACHUSETTS legislators are! MAKE IT EFFECTIVE ASAP!

Cut Budgets, Not Babies!

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