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Caught up...

Well, it's Wednesday the 31st. I'm just about caught up with work stuff from last week. Today is the 1st anniversary of the Boston Bears. The Boston Bears was first founded at "Mon Mar 31, 2003 7:38 pm" and originally known as "The Boston Area Bears". I dropped the "Area" when I discovered there had never been a bear club with the name "Boston Bears" before.

The group hovers around the 550 member level, and peaked at 600 once. About 10% of the membership actually participates online, and of that, about 2% meet up for barnights, movies, bear naked bear gatherings, brunches, bear skates, etc., etc. (Yes, you did the math correctly, roughly 26 active members!)

Tomorrow, 04/01, is Johnny's 38th birthday, and 04/02 is Brittney's 14th birthday.

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