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Catching up...

I've been very busy -- one of my employees quit a few weeks ago, leaving me to cover for all of his work, as well as all of my work, plus additional work that's been piled up in my inbox (including things I can not talk about freely at this time.) While all of this is going on, I've also been seeing Dave on a regular basis, plus all my political stuff, and oh yeah -- the transmission in my car decided to go south on me, leaving me stranded at home for almost a week while it was repaired.

Well, my car is back. I'm caught up on my work stuff. I'm still about 50-75 e-mails behind in my personal e-mails and it feels like ages since I've posted here.

I guess some good things have happened since I posted last -- I was on the big newsradio station in Boston (WBZ 1030 AM) speaking in favour for repealing the helmet law (for motorcyclists), the bill DID pass the Senate -- now it's on to the House. Woo hoo!

On the circumcision forefront, I've made what appears to be some serious advances in getting a law against infant circumcision (under 18) in Massachusetts -- more on this as it develops. I've made some new friends and a whole lot of new enemies in the online world in the past four weeks. Apparently, a gentleman (and I use the word very loosely) who goes by the name of Tom Stevens in Queens, NY does not like the idea that there might be a law against RIC. He started a group to try and organize people to prevent the law from passing. Funny thing is, as time goes by, there has been no talk about the law on his group - it's mostly been about me (in a bad light!) Well, while he and his cohorts are busy bad-mouthing me, I've been making headway! One of these advances is that there was a column in the worldwide newspaper "Metro" on 1 March 2006 against circumcision, and there have been several follow-up letters from readers as well!

If you're curious (or bored) and want to know more, check out (the group that I run, which was run by Mr. Stevens before he abandoned the name and moved over to ) -- it's a long story, but to cut to the chase, we disagree about infant circumcision -- completely. After performing a background check on Mr. Stevens, I've turned up a few remarkable things -- some of which explain his extreme interest in juvenile penises... alleged cocaine addict, child molester, and solicitation of murder? Read about it yourself:

I'm heading back to New York City this weekend for some fun and business! I'll try to keep up on my blog some more -- sorry to have neglected it for so long...

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