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I'm back from Atlantic City!

Dave and I returned from Atlantic City late last night. The trip went very well -- we stayed at Bally's, which was pretty nice! My "system" for gaming is based on spending no more than $100/day on gaming and keeping winnings separate from the initial bankroll. I ended up spending $100 on day one, and coming back with about $160. On day two, after a lot of gaming, I came back with $877* (wow!) and on day three, I upped my bankroll to $200, and ended up losing $160. *Read more about the $20 to $877 story on Tuesday below.

It's a funny story about Tuesday night -- I took $20 to play #14 on Roulette (for my Mum), but only put $10 there, I also put $10 on "Red" and although "14" didn't come up, I got 1:1 on the red bet, and kept playing the winnings until Dave pulled me back from the wheel at $60 winnings. I pocketed the original $20 and then went to Wild Wild West to the progressive jackpot Jeopardy slot machines. I put $20 in one machine, and $20 in another and Dave and I played... It couldn't have been more than five minutes before both Dave and I got the "Let's Play Jeopardy" bonus game (Dave got it twice!) -- We turned that $40 winnings from Roulette into $166 on the slot machines! Dave and I went to play some other games... As time went by, I whittled the $166 down to $77 and was getting ready to get head to bed -- but decided to stop at the Jeopardy slot machines one more time before retiring. In no more than three spins, I got the jackpot just below the progressive jackpot!!! (the progressive was $446,000!!) -- the next prize down was $800! The lady on the machine to my left got all pissed off and was saying that "It's not fair!!" She had been playing for hours, I just sit down and walk away with 3200 quarters! Of course I cashed out and went to bed!

Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill and excitement of The Price Is Right game show? With its vivid recreation of the game show set, authentic music from the show and the potential for big jackpots, you'll want to "come on down" and play The Price is Right! Well, we did! At 15:00 on Tuesday afternoon, Dave and his two sisters, best friend, brother in-law and I went to the Price Is Right stage show. Three in our party of six won prizes or "came on down" and played The Price Is Right -- including one of Dave's sisters that was in the showcase showdown! (No, sorry to say, no one won anything substantial...)

Oh, yeah -- before I forget -- Dave, Mark and I went to see "Flesh and Blood" a live performance play at the BCA Plaza Black Box Theatre, 10 February thru 4 March, 2006. Tickets are $30, students & seniors $25 and on Thursdays it's "pay what you can." -- It was a VERY good show and I highly recommend it. Bring tissues!
Eleven actors portray 25 roles in 30 scenes covering 100 years in this epic examination of an archetypal American family.

The members of the Stassos family — along with lovers and friends — careen through the decades, experiencing love and loss in poignant and sometimes heartbreaking fashion.

Adapted from the bestselling novel by Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Michael Cunningham (The Hours).

On the work front, it looks like things at work will be making some dramatic changes over the next few weeks. I am not at liberty to discuss it at this time though...

As for my penis situation -- I am pretty much as healed up as one can expect at 31 days after the surgery -- it's very tight and uncomfortable on the underside, but this is due to the temporary scar tissue on the underside. I am able to use my pecker again, and have been able to for a few weeks, just very gently! Yes -- I will be putting photos up, but not right away. I'm still a little freaked out about the temporary meatotomy and very shy about showing it off.

Well, we're back in tome for us to head up to Hobo's tomorrow (Friday night) for a Boston Bears' barnight in Salisbury Beach, MA -- then returning to Boston for the Long Island Ravens and Entre Nous barnight at The Alley on Saturday night!

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