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Post-op, day four...

Last night I slept a lot better than the night before. It's normal that the 3rd night/4th day are the worst (yes, I speak from experience!) One of the major differences this time around is that I'm not getting the sharp localized pain I was getting from the first two procedures at this stage of the game. I'm convinced that that pain I was feeling was the wound opening up after the sutures prematurely dissolved whenever I got a nocturnal erection. I honestly think the nylon sutures are working well!

I spoke with the doctor last night and we concur that I will be in the catheter and compression bandage for three weeks, not two. That means my unwrapping date will now be Monday, 6 February, 2006. We're not taking any risks, the extra time with the bandage and catheter will hopefully ensure a quicker overall recovery.

A few people have asked if I'm returning to Atlanta to get my sutures removed. Nope. It's true, since we used nylon sutures this time, they must be removed by hand. I have all the equipment and skills needed, but really I think when it's time, I'll give Dave some quick lessons and have him do it. I'll have him remove a few of the scrotal sutures first which will be much more forgiving (and less painful) in the event he can't handle the #12 blade (scalpel - photo left) steadily. I think his masochist side will really enjoy doing this -- removing sutures from this part of the anatomy is not the most comfortable feeling -- and just having someone down there with a blade is a real test in trust!

For those of you with a strong stomach, here is a photo of my progress to date (taken 20 minutes ago.) My two largest concerns are: Aesthetic wound closure (especially the glans penis), and that the mucosal/shaft skin does not fuse to the urethra again.
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