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Back to the future???

When I boarded the Silver Line bus (part of the MBTA transit system), I had an odd feeling about something -- perhaps it was the glowing and humming Flux Capacitor (image left) next to the fare box... When we took off, the time/date display (led pixelboard) came on and presented this:


Sad thing is, Boston still looked the same in 2025... :-( At least it wasn't a smoking hole though!

On a completely separate note, I'm really starting to doubt myself as a person capable of ever being in a relationship. Don't get me wrong, I truly love people and very much enjoy having one very special person in my life, but my lack of dedication to that one person has raised serious doubts about our future. The sad part is, I've been in this situation before. If this relationship goes south, I swear I will never, ever be in one again.
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