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Back on the road again shortly!

I leave my mate Bruce's this evening and head over to Johnny's (my ex) for a little family holiday gathering. Tomorrow morning, I make the long drive back home to Boston. It's been a fun trip, as I got to see a lot of my friends and family -- but I don't miss the grey skys of the Rochester winter at all! Quite depressing.

My buddy Frick and I went out to dinner last night and caught up on all sorts of dirt! Afterwards, I headed to the Bachelour Forum (laptop in hand to take advantage of their free WiFi connection!) J.R., Ted, Tim, Mark Groening and a few others showed up.

I can feel my winter depression (SAD) slowly leaving. It was a rough one this year. But, after the pressure and bullshit from Xmas(tm) are over, things start looking up. The days are getting longer again, there's a hope that spring will come early and travelling season is around the corner. You can tell I'm doing better when I start replying to my e-mails promptly and resume posting to my blog!

I'm looking forward to spending my first New Year's in Boston (First Night) with Dave by my side!
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