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I've been a bit quiet online, again... not posting to the BLOG much, and hardly ever visible on Yahoo I.M... Things have just been a but stressful in my life.

Following Thanksgiving with Dave and his family up in New Hampshire, I returned home to my crippled server which needed a complete O/S rebuild. I do this stuff for a living, doing it at home kinda sucks. I managed to get it up and online late Monday night. I couldn't sleep well Sunday anyways, as my father told me that he had brought my mother to hospital after she had two fainting spells on Sunday, November 27th. This was something new, she's never been prone to fainting before... I was concerned, couldn't sleep, so I dove into working on my server... After several tests, x-rays and such, they found something slightly amiss on her E.K.G. on Sunday. They scheduled a "stress test" for Monday the 28th.

On Monday afternoon, I found out that they then scheduled an echocardiogram on the 29th. Within one hour after the echocardiogram, she was in the operating theatre undergoing quadruple heart bypass surgery. My father called me to alert me of this news and I was on the next plane to New York to be bed-side when my mother came to in the cardiac intensive care unit. She had five arteries replaced, so it was one more than a quadruple bypass. She was very lucky that this was discovered before she had a heart attack!

Making a very long story short, by Wednesday she was able to speak (the intubation tube was taken out), she was moved to a private room (out of the CICU), and by Thursday was looking great! On Saturday morning, she came home. Phew!!! Another medical emergency for the Antonelli family between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's so routine for us now that we all dread the holiday season.

I go home from New York to zip up to Salt Ash Inn for the last N.E.M.O. party of 2005 (which was slated as being the last ever, due to the sale of the Inn) -- that is another story in itself. I returned home on Sunday to collapse emotionally and physically exhausted.

I had also recently convinced Dave to step into the 21st century and upgrade to broadband internet and Vonage VoIP telephone service -- which has been somewhat confusing for both of us, due to his rural location (his legal street address is a post office box, which has led to complications with the orders.) I'm going up to New Hampshire tonight to see what I can do to help. I for one will be glad when the holidays are done.

This coming weekend, Dave, Mark and I are going to the E.C.M.C. Toys for Tots fund-raiser -- something I have been going to for many years. Maybe I might get some sleep on the bus on the way down? ;-)

I've once again updated the Where's Chaz Webpage... Upcoming highlights: Following New Year's (where I'll be for that is still up in the air), there's another N.E.M.O. party, then the weekend after that I return to Atlanta for my final touch-ups from Dr. Cornell! I'm not in a mood to be all excited about this right now, although I probably should be. I guess it's just that time of year for me and my family. These two holidays suck big time!!
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