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Starting to plan 2006...

I've been very busy with work and life in general these past few weeks -- not a hell of a lot of exciting things have been going on, really. Tomorrow is my buddy Alan's 42nd birthday and I'll be taking him to dinner and some entertainment thereafter!

It has become all too apparent as I look at my calendar that my travelling has ground to a halt. :-( 2005 was a very exciting year, with lots of travel from west to east and even overseas! It's time for me to start planning 2006! I really want to be able to include Dave on a lot more of my travels, but it's obvious that he's not going to be able to go travel about as much as I am used to. My job tends to be a lot more flexible - as long as I can get online with my laptop and have a telephone, I can do 85% of my work without being local. Dave has to be physically present at his job.

I just now updated the Where's Chaz website, with the following trips:

13-JAN 15-JAN Atlanta, GA Chaz & Dave go to Atlanta!
16-JAN 16-JAN Atlanta, GA Circumcision Revision / Touch-ups

Yes, I'm getting some more work done on my pecker! It will probably put me out of commission for 30 days again, so I'm planning on doing this in the beginning of the year (as I did the first time around in January 2005) -- I know you're thinking I'm nuts for doing this yet again, but the end result I desire is very specific and after the 2nd procedure, things didn't heal up perfectly (although 97% of the guys out there would be very happy with the results I have now.) Mostly, I want the underside to be completely smooth with no scar tissue showing (like Dave Pike's came out); secondly, the scrotal work I had done left a bump at the bottom of the incision and a 4mm scar tissue gapping; and last, the circumcision scar itself is 2mm higher on the right and has a dimple on the left -- so a complete redo might be in order -- this time using non-dissolvable, 4-0 nylon sutures. It's a risk to do this, as it's already "perfect" in many people's eyes, and getting even better results are a gamble.

12-FEB 14-FEB Atlantic City, NJ Atlantic City Trip w/ Dave

Dave and I will "gamble the farm" in Atlantic city! I've never been there before, and I'm looking forward to the excitement of this "Las Vegas of the East Coast" trip!

03-MAY 10-MAY London/Scotland, UK Chaz returns to London! (In the works)

This is completely in the "tentative" stages right now; but I really want to return to London in the Spring , meet up with Dave Pike, David Cornell and others (hint, hint folks!!!) to tool around parts of London and England I missed the first time around -- like the East End, Scotland and perhaps Ireland? Since my first visit there in September 2005, I've met even more folks from "across the big pond" and want to meet up with them! Mark will also be all healed up from his circumcision by then (he's going in to Dr. David on 5 December 2005! He's excited and nervous -- I can relate!!)

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