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Happy Halloween!

On 05-June-2002, at a Hess gasoline station, I found my very first "Where's George" dollar bill. Ever since I registered, I found out it's addictive! The idea behind the site is that you register all the bills you have in your possession by entering the serial number and the "series." You then write (or stamp with ink) "" on the back, front or both (which is legal.) The hope is that people who get the bill in the future will see the web address, go to the site, and register the bill themselves. It's kind of strange, but also oddly engrossing to watch how far a bill has travelled. All sorts of statistics are available on the site, including miles the bill has travelled, the time its taken, and, of course, the bill's "speed" in miles-per-hour.

Since starting, I have entered 4,453 Bills worth $34,239. Of this, 564 bills have been re-entered into the system by other people, making my "hit rate" 12.67%. My rank (based on "George Score") is #1,620 (out of 15,077 current users with a George Score. [89.3 Percentile]) -- but in Massachusetts, my rank is 38 out of 2,078!!

My week started with a 3:00am wake up call, and have been at work since... (It's 12:15pm now) -- I will soon take off for the rest of the day and get a much needed nap! I hope everyone has a happy Halloween!!

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