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My seasonal depression is upon me...

I'm spending a lot of energy to simply perform basic tasks and work functions. I know exactly what this is... after several days of clouds and rain and with no upcoming trips to look forward to, my seasonal depression had poked it's ugly head out early.

Both trips to BCRS in Tuxedo, NY have been canceled. Due to lack of communications with E.C.M.C., I am no longer moving forward with a Boston Bears invasion of New York city for Toys for Tots. Thanksgiving will be spent working, and when I'm NOT working, I have no plans yet. In other words, everything is up in the air (which means NOTHING will happen.)

Where's Chaz is pretty boring, as you can see...

Start End Location Event/Link
14-OCT 16-OCT Boston, MA
21-OCT 23-OCT Provincetown, MA Entre Nous Run / AMCC Meeting
26-OCT 02-NOV Boston, MA + Chaz is On-Call (26-OCT->02-NOV)
28-OCT 30-OCT Plymouth, VT NEMO Party
04-NOV 06-NOV Boston, MA
11-NOV 13-NOV Boston, MA
18-NOV 20-NOV Boston, MA
23-NOV 30-NOV Boston, MA + Chaz is On-Call (24-NOV->30-NOV)
24-NOV 27-NOV Braintree, MA Electrical Maintenance Window (Starwood Hotels Data Centre)
02-DEC 04-DEC Boston, MA
09-DEC 11-DEC New York, NY Empire City Motorcycle Club Toys For Tots
09-DEC 11-DEC Boston, MA
16-DEC 18-DEC Boston, MA
23-DEC 25-DEC Rochester, NY Christmas Holiday

Oh well, I've survived this before -- I'll survive it again. I'm going to the movies with Dave tonight -- it should take my mind off things.

Oh yeah, happy "Coming Out Day..."

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