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England in New Hampshire and then back in Denver!

Since returning from England, I was feeling "homesick" for the Old World. Dave was a sweetheart and located a British pub, "The Coat of Arms" in Portsmouth, NH! We went out to dinner there on Friday and had real bitter, and fish & chips with mushy peas! As if that were not enough, on Sunday we went to the New Hampshire Highland Games, true Scottish games and fare! We had a blast, had lots of good food and it was all close to home!!

Monday, 25 September, 2005 thru Sunday, 02 October, 2005

On Monday, I flew out of Manchester Airport to go to Denver, CO for another disaster recovery test at IBM BCRS, Bounder. Although the week was pretty much a work week, I managed to go out two of the nights with Iain (a mate from Toronto) also known as mathan -- On one night, I managed to get Iain to try a gomco clamp on, which I know isn't an easy thing for someone to do the first time ever! His master, Chuck H. from Sudbury, was kind enough to let me get some play time with him! On Thursday, we went to the Wrangler and then the tubs for what was supposed to be a bear gathering -- there were only a handful of guys there though...

The fun really began on Friday night when Dave flew in to meet me for a weekend in Denver! After getting some dinner, we headed to The Wrangler and then back to the hotel to crash. In the morning, we got up and headed to Boulder -- we got ice cream at Glacier's Ice Cream (yum!), then headed up to Estes Park to drive the peek-to-peek highway through the Rocky Mountains! It was a GREAT Saturday drive, we made a few small stops, including a stop in Black Hawk where we went to a local casino for a little while. We went back out to the Wrangler, then over to Charlie's that evening -- met up with some really nice guys at both places too!

Sunday morning, they were doing a benefit pancake breakfast at The Denver Triangle Bar. For only $6/pp, it was inexpensive and fun! Following breakfast, we headed to the grave site of Buffalo Bill, Lookout Mountain then onto Central City! By 13:00, we were heading back to get to the airport, but first -- a stop at Sonic, a fast-food drive through restaurant that both of us had always wanted to try. It was quite good, for fast food!

Although bad weather caused serious delays with our flights home, we had a GREAT time in Denver!

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